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A little fantasy on the mind....

During break time, Rachel went to the ladies room to wash her face. "God, I just arrived to class about 30 minutes ago and I'm starting to fall asleep!! Damn!" she said to herself and groaned. "I just wish there is something that I could stay awake for the next hour! But hell, the class is damn boring!! ARRRGHHHH!!" she said to herself again and takes a deep breath and went out of the ladies room. She went back to her class.

As she went in the class to go back to her sit, which was right at the back of the class, she saw Clara talking to a guy next to her sit. Rachel stared at her beauty. She knew Clara since high school yet rarely communicates with her. As Clara was popular with her beauty and friendliness in school, Rachel on the other hand was the tomboyish and tough girl, yet she was handsome in a boyish way with short black hair that always gel back with light brown eyes and pale skin. She likes being a solitary person but had a few admirers and a girlfriend in school. Rachel never knew why they liked her but they kept on saying that she's romantic in a way and loving. Maybe that was why she had a girlfriend besides her looks. But sadly, her former girlfriend left for England to continue her studies as Rachel studied in a local private college with beautiful surroundings of greeneries around the campus.

Clara had a beauty that could be qualified to be a model. Rachel remembered that there were 2 or 3 model agencies going after her since Clara was barely 15 years old. But all of them she declined politely. She had a slightly tanned skin with a mixture of dark green and blue eyes and long dark brown silky hair..with a slim figure too. Though they were barely friends but Clara was always nice towards Rachel even though her so-called friends always asked her to stay away from Rachel.

But Rachel does have a crush on Clara...who couldn't with a beauty like that? Add with friendliness too!!!

Anyway, they were both 19 years old this year and they were both in the same class learning Economics. They still rarely talked to each other because half of the guys in class are always drooling over her and follow her anywhere she goes. When Clara wants to say hi to Rachel, the guys would shot dagger looks towards other words... 'Get lost'!!! Or 'She's mine!!'

Back to the present time, Rachel shook her head from her daydreaming and went back to her sit trying to avoid looking at Clara. She took out a book from her black bag to read while waiting for the teacher to come back. She was about to read the book when suddenly, she heard Clara's voice...talking to her.

"Rachel? Hi!"


Rachel's heart started to beat faster.

"Why are you so quiet? Care to chat with me?"

Rachel's eyes went wide. She saw the guy's face showing a disgust look. It was obvious that he wants to talk to Clara. "Typical men," thought Rachel.

"Sure Clara."

She smiled and began to talk about some stuff. The guy sulkily walked away, swearing as he goes. Clara smiled at him before he went and he forced himself to smile. She asked Rachel a lot of questions about what she's doing in her leisure time, friends, family and lots more.

As they talked, Rachel couldn't helped staring at Clara's face and as Clara started to stand up to go to the sit that the guy sat before to sort of close a distance between themselves, Rachel had to control herself from pouncing at her from her sit. She succeeded though yet painful. And then, the teacher came in. "Damn!! I just started having a good time!! Why the hell does she have to come in now??!!!" Then she felt a soft touch on her arm and looked up. Clara smiled and whispered, "Thank you for taking the time to talk to me...than reading your book." She smiled slyly and went to the front to go back to her sit which was two rows in front of Rachel. Rachel was somehow speechless and quickly took out her note pad and started to write down what the teacher was teaching.

As she was writing the notes down, she kept on staring Clara's back..her hair..her figure. Rachel just stared at her back..just admiring her back... "I'm acting like an idiot," she thought grumbling.

After class, Rachel packed up her things and walked out of the class. After 10 minutes later, she started too walked near Burger King. Then she saw Clara sitting down with a few guys outside Burger King. Somehow Clara saw her and called her. Rachel was surprised and went to her, curious what Clara wanted to say to her. As she reached to Clara side, with some nasty glares from the guys, Clara surprisingly stand up and whispered to Rachel.

"Follow me please? I need to go to the ladies."

Rachel's eyes went wide opened. She just stared at her. Clara just smiled.

"Well, I can't bring a guy to the ladies room right?"

"Oh right. Stupid me," Rachel thought and she just smiled and nodded. Clara took her things and smiled at the guys and quickly left with Rachel. They went to Block A in the campus...where the toilet there was really clean, which was for one person with a sink too...Just like a bathroom but with no shower. Anyway, Clara went in as Rachel waited outside for her. But suddenly Clara pulled her in the bathroom with her and she locked the door. Before Rachel could react, Clara pulled her head forward and kissed her hard yet soft at the same time. Rachel was surprised at first but then responded to the kiss by kissing her back with passion. Clara kept touching her arm up and down and that was when Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She is going to show her how much she liked her, and pushed her back to the door.

Clara was surprised when her back was now against the bathroom door but she moaned when Rachel started kissing her neck. Clara just moaned and put her hands on Rachel's hair. Rachel growled and she knew that she have to 'take' her now. She whispered to Clara to relax while her hands gently cupped her breasts.

Clara gasped loudly but Rachel asked her to calm down..if not some people would hear them. Rachel kept kissing and licking her neck and then kissed her lips passionately. It was so soft that she pushed her tongue inside Clara's mouth but gently.

Clara was somehow surprised but invited Rachel's tongue with her own. She kept holding Rachel's arms tightly..knew that her legs were giving out with this ecstasy feeling. Rachel's hands caress Clara's soft stomach and rubbed her thighs softly that make her legs buckled. Rachel wanted this to last longer but she heard Clara's plea.

"Rachel..please, touch me now! I beg you!"

Rachel knew what she meant but tried to take it nice and slow. She didn't want this as a quikie. She was not like that!! So she started rubbing Clara's sex that was still covered by her low waist jeans and Clara started to moan softly. Then Rachel slowly unbuttons her jeans and pulled it down. She kissed Clara on the lips before going down to her sex. Clara just closed her eyes as Rachel pulled her red panties down and kissed her sex softly. Clara nearly screamed and grabs Rachel's head to pull closer to her sex. Rachel started to lick her sex slowly and then started taking speed. Clara's cries were getting louder and louder as Rachel licked faster and faster.

Clara was holding Rachel's head so tightly that Rachel tried to stand the pain while licking Clara's sex. She could feel Clara coming to her release. No doubt about that, she came but didn't dare to scream. As Rachel lapped Clara's juices, Clara stopped shaking and Rachel put back her panties and jeans on her, and then got up to hold her. She was surprised when she saw Clara crying and began to feel afraid that she may have gone too far. Then she saw Clara smiling at her as she opened her eyes and hugged Rachel close to her. Rachel was relieved and holds Clara closer to her. She then whispered lovingly to Clara that this was not a one time thing and would like to take her as a lover. Clara smiled and kissed her on the lips.

"I always wondered why girls were attracted to you at high school. Now I know."

Rachel was somehow hurt.

"Clara, I don't sleep around with girls just like that. You are the first one that I.make love."

Clara's eyes went wide opened. Then she laughed and hugged Rachel.

"You never 'had done' it with Lydia?"

"No. We were both scared at that time. I prefer going for a date..walking in the most couples do."

Clara smiled and kissed Rachel's cheek.

"Then thank you."

"You're welcome."

They just stand there holding each other. When Clara suddenly said to Rachel.

"A minimum wage alone cannot tackle Britain's long-standing problem of poverty.."


Then Rachel came back to reality. The teacher was still teaching in front while student kept on taking notes. She finally was aware that she was still in the Economics' class. "Damn! It's just a fantasy!" she said to herself grumbling. She groaned uneasily and felt her sex throbbing under her jeans. "Arggggggggghhhhh....hormones.#$#@#$#!" She tried to calmed herself and started to concentrate in class again. She then smirked, knew that Clara would never fall for her..or be interested in female. Then she shook her head and writes down her notes.

Little did Rachel know, Clara was still thinking of a way how to make the solitary Rachel to like her as she writes downs her notes.


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