I wish.I wish.
As of now, there's something I cannot achieve.
Something that I cannot get.
I want happiness. But I can't have it.
I wish.I wish.

If I could have any happiness, my life
Would be somewhat complete. If only
I could achieve the level of happiness.
I wish.I wish.
I can't achieve "nirvana" or inner peace.
I wish I had the happiness to achieve the inner
Peace I want.If I did, I could go on with
My life without a care in the world.
I wish.I wish.
I can't get a grasp on fun-filled days and
Have a fun-filled life. If I could, I would
Be able to get the happiness and inner
Peace I want.
I wish.I wish.
I wish for happiness.
I wish for inner peace.
I wish for the fun I am
Allowed to have.
I wish.I wish...I wish.