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Sequel to A Little Fantasy on the Mind..

Previously in A Little Fantasy on the Mind..

"A minimum wage alone cannot tackle Britain's long-standing problem of poverty.."


Then Rachel came back to reality. The teacher was still teaching in front while student kept on taking notes. She finally was aware that she was still in the Economics' class. "Damn! It's just a fantasy!" she said to herself grumbling. She groaned uneasily and felt her sex throbbing under her jeans. "Arggggggggghhhhh....hormones.#$#@#$#!" She tried to calmed herself and started to concentrate in class again. She then smirked, knew that Clara would never fall for her..or be interested in female. Then she shook her head and writes down her notes.

Little did Rachel know, Clara was still thinking of a way how to make the solitary Rachel to like her as she writes downs her notes.


Now..the sequel!!

Chapter 1

Economics' class is still on as Clara is busy jotting down the notes and at the same time, thinking of a way to make Rachel like her. Clara smile to herself as she looks at the teacher in front of her, who's babbling about poverty. She sighs softly and tries to concentrate but in her mind was somehow concentrating about Rachel.

Clara didn't know when she had fallen in love with Rachel or in other words, like a girl. She knows that she's pretty open-minded about lesbians and homosexual but she never would have thought of herself to FALL for a girl. But that all change when she met Rachel; she did know that she had fallen in love with her a few years back during high school but did not know exactly when.


Clara remembered meeting Rachel the first time when they were both 15 years old in 1999. She bumped into Rachel when she wanted to returned to her class. At that time Rachel looked like..a simple girl. She had a slightly long black hair and wore braces before. She was still cute though, just feminine on the face yet she was tomboyish in attitude and always wore baggy clothes that were completely black almost everyday to school. Then Clara remembered that Rachel went to another school in the middle of that year because her father had business in Perth and Rachel and the family had to follow him.

So when had Clara fallen for her? When she was 17 years old and Rachel came back to the school. Clara remembered that she was popular in school before and had a lot of advantages to participate in almost everything in school; that is if she wants to participate.

Anyway, Clara remembered that year she decided to perform in the school's concert with her male partner, Brian. Her 'so-called friends' kept on saying that it was not what popular girls do besides cheerleading or doing some popular stuff but Clara ignored them and still participated in it. She was so excited that she practiced playing her flute with Brian (who's playing the piano) everyday. But two weeks before the concert, Brian chickened out, which made Clara so frustrated but still she practiced her flute alone.

One day, Clara was on the stage in the school, practicing her flute as usually. In her mind, she was still frustrated about Brian and she had tried to find someone to replace him and also someone who could master a 'piece' within a week or less, since the concert was around the corner. She was nearly giving up hope when she heard someone clapping..

"Bravo! You played beautifully."

Clara immediately stopped playing and turned around, kind of irritated of someone interrupting her. But then, she looked surprised when she saw her intruder.


She saw Rachel smiling at her. Clara just gawked at her. 'She looks so different..handsome,' Clara thought as she saw Rachel coming up on the stage towards her.

"Yes. And you must be Clara, if I remembered correctly."

Clara didn't know why but she was overjoyed that Rachel remembered her. As she saw Rachel coming nearer and nearer towards her, Clara felt her heart pounding faster and faster. Rachel then stopped in front of her and took out her right hand to shake hands with Clara. Clara smiled and shook hands with her.

"Yes! You remembered me! What are you doing here? I thought you're studying in Perth. When did you arrive?"

Clara was asking a lot of question that makes Rachel laughed.

"Whoa! Take it easy ok! Yes, I remembered you and I arrived here a week ago. I have stopped studying in Perth because my father had finished his business over there, so we moved back here. I'm coming back to study here but I haven't register in this school yet. I just came here to check out if there's anything new or not."


'Oh? She told you that she's coming back here and everything and all you can say is 'oh'?' said a little voice in Clara's mind. She sighed softly and saw Rachel staring at her. Clara asked.


"Nothing. You..are more beautiful than I remembered."

Rachel's words were like invisible flames dancing lightly on Clara's hands, then on her arms, through her body...making Clara nearly moaned out loud. She had never felt this way towards anyone before yet Rachel just said those words that made Clara..surprisingly aroused.

"Ermm.. Thanx. You look...different...handsome."

She was handsome! Rachel's hair was now cut short and it was gelled up with a wet shinning looked. She's not wearing braces anymore and she looks..tough..yet just right. She wore a blue denim jacket and inside she wore a white collar shirt. She also wore black shinning slacks and black shoes. She had a black bag on her left hand where she put it over her shoulders.

She laughed at Clara's statement and just gave a small kiss on top of Clara's right hand. Clara instantly felt hot inside her body...and felt a bit damped between her thighs.

"Why, thanx Clara. Again, you played your flute beautifully. You're very talented."

Clara blushed.

"Thank you! I'm practicing for the school's concert which is less than two weeks from now. I was supposed to have a duet performance with my partner, who was supposed to play the piano but he..wanted out."

Rachel gave a sympathy looked.

"Oh, sorry to hear about that. What were you guys supposed to play?"

"'Light Moment'. It's instrumental but more of a swing beat. It's really nice to hear it, but it needs to be accompanied with a piano."

Clara saw Rachel's eyes sparkled.

"'Light Moment'? I know how to play that. I could be your partner..if you don't mind."

Clara's smile went wide and she was happy again. After that, they practiced together either in school or in Rachel's new home everyday. There were laughter and fun along the way too. Then the day of the concert finally came.

That night of the concert, Clara arrived in the school's hall, where a lot of people were occupying most of the seats. She didn't see Rachel anywhere so she went to her dressing room which was behind the stage. When she went inside her dressing room, she saw a lot of bouquet of flowers on her table. She looked at them flatteringly. All the bouquets of flowers were from her admirers (guys) except for one. She saw only one yet a beautiful blooming white rose with a small white envelope, further from the rest of the flowers. She picked up the small white envelope and opened it, taking out a small white card. She then opened the card and smiled when she saw who the sender of the white rose was.

Dearest Clara,

Before we perform together this night, allow me to wish you good luck and may this night be your happiest night of your life.

From Rachel

Clara felt her heart melt as she put the card back in the envelope. She picked up the rose and smelled it, which brings a faint lovely smell that was fresh from the garden. Then she heard a knock on her door and the door opened. There stood Rachel, wearing a black stunning tux with a royal blue bowtie. Clara felt her heart stopped for a moment. 'She's incredibly handsome,' Clara thought. Rachel smiled at her when she saw Clara holding her given rose.


Clara smiled.


Rachel then smiled and went to Clara, taking Clara's right hand and gently kissed it softly.

"You're beautiful tonight."

Clara blushed again. She wore a white dress which had a long flowing skirt. She also wore a small brooch on her right side of the dress that had a shape of two dolphins in the color of green and blue. Her brown hair was styled into a bun. She heard Rachel asking her.

"Shall we go?"


That night they performed well. People cheered and loved their performance. Clara was happy that night. For her, it was an enjoyable night that she would never ever forget. And also that night, she felt somewhat different towards Rachel yet didn't know what it was.

Later that night after the concert, Clara and Rachel were still in school. Clara tried to find Rachel and found her in the school's garden standing under the moonlight. She went up to her.

"Rachel, what are you doing here? I have been.."

Rachel interrupted her.

"The night is beautiful Clara. Look at the moon, isn't it beautiful?"


"Can you hear the soft music too?"

Clara could hear soft music coming from the school's hall. She just nodded. Rachel then smiled at her and took out her right hand to Clara.

"Dance with me Clara."

Clara just nodded and slowly took Rachel's invitation hand. Clara felt Rachel pulling her gently towards her body, moving into a slow rhythm. Rachel then put her hands on Clara's waist and pulled her more closely to her until their body touched. Clara then put her arms around Rachel's neck and then they did a slow dance under the moonlight. And maybe, that was when she had fallen in love with Rachel.

After that night, they rarely communicate with each other. Clara, who was afraid that her reputation would be ruin, just tried to ignored her feelings but sometimes said hi to Rachel when her friends were not around. But she yearns to talk to Rachel and yearns for her touch. She was so mad and jealous when a girl named Lydia had won Rachel's heart, which made Clara cried almost every night wishing that it was she who would win Rachel's heart.

And when Clara heard that Lydia and Rachel went on their separated ways, she was so relieved but still rarely communicates with Rachel because the burning need she felt was..scary.


"Ok! Class dismissed!"

Clara came out from her thoughts when she heard the lecturer's booming voice. She slowly packs up her things and saw Rachel pass her and went out of the class. She then follows her out of the class. She follows Rachel from the back until they reach to the parking lot. She knows that she has to do something now.

'It's been a long time Rachel and I'm not letting you go this time,' Clara thought silently. She follows Rachel to her Series II XJ black Jaguar car and smile.


Rachel turns around and looks at her in surprise. Clara smile more and more.

"Clara, is there something wrong?"

Clara just went near her and whisper in her ear.

"Give me a ride please?"


Inside, Clara was laughing and she asks again innocently...with a little lick on Rachel's soft earlobe.

"Send me home please?"

She could feel Rachel's body tense up. She chuckle softly. 'I hope you know how much I want you Rachel, and hope that you'll love me in return,' Clara thought pleadingly, though she didn't know that Rachel have feelings for her actually.

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