Intro on the girls of Gothic Cinderella

Lead singer and guitarist: Char Kensington

Guitarist: Amy Young

Bassist: Kelly Lopez

Drums: Tami Anderson

Gothic Cinderella is a group from Newark, New Jersey, who lives in Lil B's neighborhood.  Lil B is a female rapper who also manages Gothic Cinderella and is Char Kensington's best friend.  Char featured in Lil B's "Da Playa Gotz Me" with a collaboration of hip hop and hard rock (like the sound of Limp Bizkit.)  Gothic Cinderella's real sound is heavy metal.  They sound similar to Canadian female band, Kittie (they're actually famous.)  Char is similar to Kittie's lead singer and guitarist Morgan Lander, who sings and growls to their ferocious lyrics (in the lyrics, if the letters are lowercase, Char is singing, if it's in UPPERCASE, then she is growling.)  Amy Young is Brian Young's younger sister, who stared in Lil B's movie, "A Player's Confession."

Gothic Cinderella just got started when the group decided to form a band and Lil B offered Char to manage their band.  They share the same account for their songs and movies.  Well, enjoy their 1st album, "Dark Ballroom."