I love you
But you love her
Why is that?

I'm always there
Near you
Trying to be
There always for you

But you have eyes for her
Only for her
And I love you in vain

I'll be here
Watching you smile
Watching you cry
It's enough for me
To be around for you
I think

But why can't it be me?
Why not me that you
See and love?
Instead of her?

She's a friend
But I love you
And she doesn't
So why her?

Why does she catch your eye
And not me?
Why can't I be the one
Who you love?
Because I love you

But I'll sit and wait
Forever near
Until you see it
For yourself
Because I can't tell you
No matter what
I'm too scared

But if you loved me
Then maybe
Just maybe
I'd tell you
I love you