Nothing but lies
I lie

Can't you forgive me?
You made me this way
You know?

You made me think
You cared about me
Don't pretend to care

So I believed you
I believed you loved me

And I didn't want to lose you

I'm nothing
So I pretend to be something
But I'm not

I lie to you

I lie to everyone
Who sees me next to them
But I'm far away

Don't forgive me

I don't deserve it

I don't want it
Because I don't need it

But I do need it
I just can't tell you
Then you'd know that
I need you so much

I shouldn't need you
I'll only get hurt when
You leave
Like everyone else does

Someday you'll see me

I can't hide forever
But I wish I could

Liar, liar

Hiding behind my mask
A false front
I hide

I'll never let you go

Even if I have to be a liar to keep you...