Title: All The Broken Glass

Author: Ayakaishi Fei aka. FireDemon

E-mail: [email protected]

Rating: PG13

Category: Original Manga. POV. Drama-ish, Possible Romance? Humour.

Warnings: Shounen-ai. Shoujo ai. General scariness.

Summary: Sanosuke Atai is given the task of writing an essay about himself. Self discovery is a journey he embarks on along the way. Lots of scariness coming from his friends, but he gets there in the end.

Disclaimer: Lee-chan belongs to my beloved K-koi, Shannon's description comes from my near-cousin Drag-Queensley-mon, who described one of his friends to me and got it stuck in my head. The assignment is one my Yr 11 English teacher gave us, and everything else is mine.

One: These Are My Friends...

I lean back against the tree trunk, letting the voices of my friends flow around me as they discuss the assignment we're supposed to be doing.

"I can't believe we have to write about *ourselves* I mean, can you imagine anything more boring?" Indie, I identify the voice, our resident 'clinger'. At one point she was actually a member of our group, now she just follows us around because none of us are actually cruel enough to tell her to fuck off.

"Mm, well I'm going to write about myself from Lee-chan's perspective. How's this for an opening: Sedra is hot. She's got it all, brains, charm and sex appeal. I secretly want to tie her to my bed and ravish her. I think about it every time she walks into the room and smirks that fucking gorgeous smirk of hers. I saw her naked once-" Sedra is cut off by her best friend Lee.

"I think not."

I don't understand quite why those two are best friends; they're like polar opposites or something. Sedra is, well quite frankly she's a slut. She *is* pretty, objectively speaking, fairly slender with a far better than average figure. Dark hair, dark golden-brown eyes, and, well, sex appeal. I don't know how she does it, but she's slept with more people then the rest of our group put together. Lee on the other hand is practically a nun. She's pretty enough, if you're willing to look past the perpetual glare, with a golden blonde braid and green eyes, but neither of them are really my type.

"But Lee-chan, you know it was the truth!"

The rest of us snort with laughter, despite their friendship Lee has never shown anything other than a platonic interest in Sedra, and the idea of the blonde being madly in love with the brunette is frankly ludicrous.

"Okay, I have my first line!" Shannon announces triumphantly.

"Do share," Katren encourages.

"Okay: Before I really get into this essay, let's get something straight: I'm not."

The comment brings assorted giggles and comments. Shannon is gay. As in, was in the closet, got claustrophobic, came out of the closet, wearing stiletto's, gay.

He's rather effeminate looking, with feathered honey-blond hair, currently streaked with purple, and big hazel eyes. He's not exactly your 'stereotypical' gay, but he comes pretty close. He can be kind of flamboyant, and he's very in-your-face about his sexuality. It probably should bother me, but it doesn't. I suppose if I'm going to be fair I should mention that objectively speaking he's not unpleasant to look at, he's probably pretty enough to those who are into that kind of thing.

I look down at my blank sheet, I know that the rest of my group will probably write with the intention to destroy the mental state of our new teacher or scare the shit out of her, but at the moment it just seems like too much bother to start.

"I think I have an introduction, but I'm not sure if it works or not," Katren informs us after a second of silence, "Katren from the perspective of her sub."

There is a shocked, but not surprised, silence. Katren is a dominatrix, like full scary, I-have-whip-will-use-it, type dominatrix. She even has a sub - a boyfriend she sexually abuses. We all feel sorry for him, I mean they're all normal and sweet in public. Kat's like uber-polite, you know, take-home-to-meet-your-parents type polite. And she has the most sweet, innocent nature. You'd never guess she was secretly a bloody sadistic bitch. Her boyfriend Thom is really nice, I mean, he wigs me out cos I know for a fact that he gets off on Katren whipping him until he bleeds and forcing him to do all these sick, sick things, but he's nice.

"Sounds like fun," Shannon smirks.

Katren and Shannon have a strange relationship, I don't really understand it, I think they're friends, because they're always hanging out. I know they *used* to date, before Shannon came out to everyone, but as I've already said, she's the type of girlfriend you could take home to meet your parents and they'd start planning the wedding. I'm pretty sure it was just for show however, because after they broke up they did exactly the same things as always.

"Katren, I mean my Master, is the most sadistically talented ray of sunshine you'll ever meet in your life..." She reads out in her soft polite voice.

"That's good Kat!" Sedra beams.

Another relationship I don't understand. Sedra hits on absolutely everyone, but she has never in my hearing hit on Katren, which is really weird because the two of them are both distressingly sadomasochistic, and would probably get along great in a relationship. It's strange.

Delilah sighs, "I'm never going to be able to do this," She confides, "I hate talking about myself."

Delilah never talks just for the hell of it. To call her shy would be like calling hell a sauna. She's nice, if you can get her to open up. Appearance- wise, she isn't exactly pretty, but she isn't plain either. She has pale white-blonde hair, and permanently shuttered crystalline silver-grey eyes, in a pale, slightly pointed face. She never wears anything other then black, her family are very puritan, something which she despises. She's never really been allowed to have an opinion, which makes her slow to talk. She's also a lesbian, her ultimate revenge on her family.

"You'll be okay," Aya comforts her, with a quick smile. Aya is Lila's girlfriend, and probably the only person who can get past her shields. Her hair is a shade of brown so dark it's almost black, cropped short. She has almost elvin features, chocolate eyes a shade lighter than her hair, and a sharp tongue. They look strange together... strangely beautiful. Neither of them has the courage to come out to their homophobic families, but they're a beautiful couple nevertheless.

I look back down at the blank piece of paper; we're supposed to write about ourselves, our family, our friends, our interests - you know. I guess I'm a lot like Lila, I hate talking about myself.

I figure I might write something fairly vague about Himi, my mom and my step dad and the rest of my various half and step siblings. I'm not going to make it the true account she asked for - I'm never completely honest. My thoughts are mine and mine alone.

I look up as I hear a shriek of panic, and a tall blur of colour flings itself behind me in panic, "Sano! Help!"

"Ohh Jamie, dearest. Come out, come out wherever you are." A voice chimes.

The tall gangly youth behind me meeps in panic, "Lizzie is scary."

I have to agree, Aliselle Bennet, better known as "Lizzie" is inordinately frightening.

I'm about to stand and run when Lizzie's boyfriend, Marco Bond, more commonly referred to as Marc, pounces on me, reaching for Jamie, apparently unconcerned with the fact that he's straddling my hips in tight leather pants and looking very gay.

"Eek!" I squeak, "Jay-ME!"

Jamie backs away, "Sorry Sano."

Marco pulls himself up, grinning maliciously, "Don't worry Jay-Jay dear, we don't want to *hurt* you..."

"We just want to rape you is all!" Aliselle chimes in loudly.

Her neon blue hair is bright in the sunlight, and her scary yellow contacts seem to flash evilly.

"No, stay back!" Jamie yells as the two chase him around the tree.

Aliselle finally manages to catch him, and immediately starts dropping kisses all over him, while Marc feels up his thigh.

"Get off of me you sick bitch, you're my cousin and your boyfriend is *straight*."

"But you're just so irrisistable," Marco coos, sliding his hand round to caress Jamie's ass.

I blanch as Sedra pounces on the three of them with a, "Where's my kiss?"

Aliselle grabs her and the two kiss enthusiastically, trying to drop kisses on each other's skin. I notice that Jamie doesn't seem quite as uncomfortable with Sedra straddling him, but then he likes little, young- looking girls, the paedophile.

I turn back to the group who are mostly ignoring the commotion. It does happen every other day after all.

"Sano, can I speak to you for a minute?" A soft voice asks in my ear.

I turn and am faced with an almost mirror image of myself.

"What's wrong Himi?"

Atai Himitsu, my twin sister. Her name means secret, and I guess it really fits her, she's probably one of the most secretive people I know. We're very close, being twins, but she doesn't like to share her feelings with anyone.

She tugs at her hair, jet black, with the same red streaks that adorn my own. We split the cost for the dye, and did it together. Strangely enough it actually looked as good as she'd hoped, probably because she wants to be a hairdresser and knows all about these things.

"Mika and I are going to Sydney."

"Sydney?" I echo, "Like in Australia? Why?!"

Her dark crimson brown eyes gaze guiltily at her fingers, "I'm 3 months pregnant with his child. We're getting married."

"Himi!" I shriek, drawing the attention of the rest of my group.

I lower my voice, "Himi," my voice quavers, "Mitsy," Her baby name, "You're marrying Mika? But..."

"I know it sounds wrong, but Sano, Nosee," She uses my baby name, putting us on the same level, "I love him. I don't care if he's my stepbrother. I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him."

"I'll miss you so much," I whisper, "I don't want to lose you."

"You won't. I'll write, every week. I'll tell you about the baby, and about Mika, and all about Australia. And you'll come visit us, with your girlfriend, or boyfriend or whatever."

"Oh Himi. Good luck," I tell her, "When are you going?"

"Tonight. I just wanted to say goodbye."

My heart winces, "Tonight?"

"Do you hate me?" Her eyes shine with unshed tears.

"Kirai ni Narenai," I whisper, enfolding her in my arms, "I can't hate you."

"I love you Sano."

"I love you too."

And then she stands, and disappears out through the gate, her short green uniform skirt flying out behind her.

Aya gives me a soft smile, "Are you okay, Sanosuke?"

I nod, forcing a smile, "Yeah. Himi says good bye."

None of my friends really know my sister to well. Aya and Lila, who I've known the longest, know her best of all.

Lila flashes a rare smile, "We'll all miss her Sanosuke."

I start to reply but it's cut off by the bell ringing, and everyone stands to get to class. Lila and Aya part with a hastily exchanged kiss, Aya heading towards chemistry with Jamie, while Lila and Indie walk towards the music classroom on the other side of the school.

I gather up my notes and jam them into my backpack. I have History now, with Painter. History is probably my favourite subject, and Painter my favourite teacher.

He's not young or gorgeous or anything like that, he's about 65, although he only looks about 45-50-ish. He's very passionate about History, I don't know anyone who dislikes him. He can be a little overdramatic, like when Katren and I cut his class and he caught us out, but mostly he's just cool.

He can make even the most boring topic interesting, and he's been absolutely everywhere in the world. He wants to take my class on a trip around the world, so that he can show us all the places we're learning about.

He's the one who made me realise what I want to do when I leave school - I want to be an archaeologist.

With a grin I take a seat in the classroom, my mind wandering back to my English task. Maybe I should write about Himi and Mika...

To Be Continued... (Maybe)

Authors Notes: Well, I'm not sure how well that went. I'm not brilliant about First Person, so I thought I'd give it a go. I quite like Sano, so I'll probably continue this if anyone else wants to read it.

Just to warn you guys, the whole "Where's *my* kiss?" thing is dangerous. I have friends like Aliselle and Marco who actually reply with the kiss. Erk, the whole being pinned down by Jess squealing while she tried to kiss me and the whole being kissed (albeit very innocently on the head) by a sadist I'd only just met, has taught me that asking for kisses is NOT a good thing.