"...Saturn!" A young boy screamed. "Saturn! What's wrong!?" Rushing to his older brother's side, he wrapped two comforting arms around the frail body that was hunched up on the floor.

"Alli..." The elder ground his teeth together, and then let out a grunt of pain as the arms closed tightly around his throbbing back. "ALEX DON'T!" His suddnen out burts caused his brother to gasp, and let go so suddenly that he stumbled on to the floor.

"..What...what's wrong?" Tears welling up in the smaller boys eyes, he looked overly concerned for the teen who was curled over his knees, wincing.

"I'm not sure...Alli my back, it feels like it's on fire...and my blood, it's racing through my body..." He cried out at a sudden stabbing pain in his shoulder blades.

"...W-we, we need to get you to a hospital.." He brushed away the long dark locks of his brother's hair, and saw raw skin, on his brothers shoulders. The skin seemed to almost be melting off.

"No, It's...Alli there's no use." He let out a scream as the pain begain to thicken, a drenching sweat poured from his body.

"You're dying!" Alex screamed, tears running down his cheeks. "You're...you're..." He broke down sobbing.

"I don't want to leave you..." With this Saturn started crying. "Alex, listen to me...whatever's going on..." A groan was wrenched from his throat as an immense pain shot up his spine.

Alex watched as the skin on his shoulder blades started to bleed, wounds were forming. Blood started streaming down his pale black, and dripped into a puddle on the carpet. He was horrified.

"What's happening!" Alex screamed, wanting reach out and comfort his brother, but refrained, not wanting to injure him any further. All Saturn did was scream. Alex watched in horror as the skin split open even further, and his brother's back was stained red from all of the blood. Within seconds, two lengthy bones tore through his shoulders. The screams grew louder as the teen's back was ripped apart.

Alex stood completely still, gazing in disbelief as bloody feathers sprouted from the growth of bone. Wings. He had sprouted wings.

Saturn kept abnormally still, his breathing stopped and his eyes glazed over. Alex thought him dead till suddenly a choking gasp broke through the elder's throat, and his eyes opened wide, they were now a vibrant violet, and seemed to have more life. The blood on his wings, seemed to seep away, and they spread up towards the ceiling, taking up most the room.

"You're...an...Angel..." Alex was entranced. His brother's body seemed to have a new, preternatural life to it. Everything would be just fine...

His eyes opened wider then before. "Alli...I love you...know that..." Bending down from his hovered position, the winged teen placed a soft kiss on his brother's lips. "Be with me, before I go."

"Go where!?" Alex shivered and looked nervously into the elders, bright eyes. "Don't leave me!"

"I have to!" He looked up to the ceiling, which was now a void of light that his wings were up into. "They're calling me..." Now crying, Saturn kissed the boy again, this time more deeply, passionatly. He pulled away, catching his breath, and looking into his brothers deep blue eyes. "I love you..."

Suddenly the Angel screamed, a tremor ran through his body, and his wings began to bleed again, showering him in blood. Slowly, the feathers started falling to the floor, one by one, drenched in blood. Both boys were horror stricken. As the final one fell, so did saturn, lifeless he dropped into the mass of crimson soaked feathers.

After all, an Angel can have only one moment of Glory on Earth.