We lie in the trees and let the hot air flow over our naked bodies.

She is singing and he is fanning her with his wings.

We are bearing our children here just as we were meant to

We have overthrown power and authority

And we lie here

And buds open

And my eyes are closed

We are all in love

And our children are beautiful

And our feet are leather from walking barefoot

In the wet grass

Heavy with dew

And we forget about the outside world

And music fans around us and grows onto our bare bodies

Like moss

Or dreams

Before they take flight

But our dreams take flight

Or rather they lie with us

On the misty floor

And we never wake

Yet we never sleep

And we never grow old

Yet our children never stay young

And we bear more and we experience tastes and colours and music

And I don't remember anything else

And when thorns touch my skin

Blood flows freely

And I welcome the blood because it is life

And this is life

And this is Eden once more