Does The Weather Annoy You??

By Davido Martino

You've Just Come Home From A Hard Day From School. It's Baking Hot And You Feel Like You Want 5 Litres Of Ice-Cold Water. The Temperature Is An Amazing Twenty Degrees Celsius (In Glasgow, Anyway).

You Get Out Of Your Uniform, Put On Some Shorts And A T-Shirt And Put Out A Deckchair. Ahhh!! You Shut Your Eyes.

About Five Minutes Later, It Rains.

You Go Inside. It Stops And Clears Up.

You Go Outside. It Starts.

You Go Inside. You Swear And It Stops.

You Go Outside. It Starts And Thunders, Too.

This Is Really, Really Annoying.

Whenever You Go Outside In Casual Clothes, It's Like There Is A Cloud That Follows You Everywhere, Dumps The Rain And Sucks It Up Again!!!