Blasphemous Blasphemy

I could lie to you

The system blows

That's what you like to hear right?

We are sheep complacent and mad

Follow our shepard off a cliff

Torn apart by the rocks below

TV rotted my brain

Computers stole my job

Bring back the horse and carriage

And handmade crafts

And the telegram

I could say that I want these things

Real real bad

But then I'd be lying

Hypocrite hypocrite

Aren't we the hypocrite?

I could lie to you

That I want this

To be a part of your collective discontent

To further your protest through artistic complaint

But I don't--not really

What have you achieved?

Raving packs of lunatic

Fans with twenty dollar bills in their sweaty palms

And fuck the government on their t-shirts

They could feed starving children

But instead they put food on your table

Let's breed awareness!

The world is shit and we are doomed to obscurity

We can be nothing and we will be nothing

We are already dead!

There can be no hope or I'll be out of a job!

So let's complain!!!!

Squeal and whine and write bad poetry

Something like this shit you're reading now

Let's abuse the technology we oh so hate!

And make lots and lots of money

Because we really hate technology

And we really hate capitalism

What's that?

You want some money?

Sorry dear, you can't have any

Get your own

Wrong again honey

We don't do this for you

Looking out for number one

That's the way it is

And to that I say

Thank god for the lightbulb

Thank god for the microwave

Thank god for the tv

Thank god for the cd

We're on a one way street to hell

Might as well make the best of it

And I could complain about all this

But then I'd be lying

I love this shit

I buy it on a daily basis