Dreams of Eternity

A blinding sheet of white shattering,

a million crystal shards scattered about,

All fade away into darkness.

I am cold before I fall,

My breath a cloud of precious warmth.

I think I am lost now,

accompanied by the ghosts of yesterday.

I am wandering ever forward,

ever searching in wide sweeping circles.

I am finished before I start,

Start again when I am finished.

No reasons why, no explanations given,

None asked for and none needed.

I revel in my quiet solitude,

I am a lonely star in an endless night.

I am an island of warmth in a sea of cold.

I don't have much time left

but I have all the time in the world

searching ever searching

I do not think I am lost after all

I do not want to be found

do not wait for me tonight,

I will not come home.

I have found a cold respite from an endless struggle,

I sleep peacefully now,

dreaming of eternity.