Empty white (paper eyes)
Blank (reams of forest spirit)
Stare back at me and seem to laugh
White black checkered stripes
I shake my head
The world spirals down around me
A drop of black ripple scars the face
That mirrors my own confusion
The small flat box shrieks
Digital red face flickering madly
Silence shatters a million pieces
I kill the sound
And collect the pieces of my mind
Hold it closely to my heart
And pray for this night to end
Black lines form
Indecipherable scribbles
Babble at me in foreign tongues
I slash at it angrily
Scarlet crosses scar its immovable countenance
Red crescent slashes curve like lips
That seem to sneer
Recognizing the futility
in the pursuit of alien heiroglyphs
knowing that apocalypse could be averted
if only I could see (my fingers are poised)
waves of vertigo assail me
spilling the insomniacs drug
ugly black that mirrors that of my brow
and swallows me whole