Alone in my own world, trapped in my own home, my own soul. I am trapped in a world of betrayal, and a place I do as I am told. I don't choose to be
here. but I can't escape.

I am here by force. I can't get away. It truly hurts me to stay. I want to leave! But, then again, I want to stay. What should I do? Escape the depths
of hell, or stay in Hell a while longer?

To stay would eat my soul alive, but to leave, I'd have to leave things behind. I just can't decide what I'll do. Change my life for the better, or
stay in Hell and not change at all?

I want to die, to get away from it all, I can't stand the tormenting, and
the yelling anymore. I want God to take me away from it all, from everything I have gone through, and will go through. Someday, I AM going to
escape somehow.