By:Andrew Troy Keller

She was once known as Charolette Hunnicutt--and so far,her life has been one dull and boring event after another.

That was before she had realized that she had suffered enough and decided to go for a walk on the wild side.

As soon as she had entered a local biker bar,Charolette had sat down and ordered a scotch and soda.

While she was sipping her drink,she had noticed that she had caught the eye of a roguish biker named Mark Logan,who was on his way to the Sturgis Bike Rally.

After he had walked over to Charolette and sat down next to her,Mark had noticed that she was being a little low.

Just then,he had decided to ask her to go with him to the Sturgis Rally.

And then,after she had realized that it was better than her boring former life,a smiling Charolette had decided to accept his invitation.

After they had finished their drinks and payed their tabs,both Mark and Charolette(now known as 'Charlie')had gotten themselves on board his Harley Davidson and rolled on their way to the Sturgis Rally.

And as a result of a meeting of two wild hearts,both Mark and Charlie had gotten themselves married at Las Vegas.

After they had arrived at Sturgis,the two newlyweds had became the darlings of the Bike Rally.

Well,one thing is for sure.

Charlie's new life is not a boring one.