By: usasazz

I am the superhuman. What you all strive to be. The uncaring, empathetic toughy that's independent but still needs someone. The sweetest lemon you ever tasted. A mountain-climber who's reached the top. A strong one with a rock for a heart with the rarest tears of sapphire. The sun-catcher and moon-dancer. A fighter and the healer. The truth and the betrayal. The shooter and the shot. I am the blow that strikes you down, I'll be there to help you up. A drinker and a drunk. You're so over the top. I am the Super Human that you all wish you could be.

-Kara Grace, Superhuman


It all began as a hypothesis stating that superhumans could, and would walk the Earth one day. From there, it launched controversy globally concerning the ethics and morals of a superhuman. Then came the time when a group of genetic engineers (that I was a part of) wanted to actually create these superhumans. We would solve all our problems and find away to transplant memory so that humans could become immortal. It would be risky and we should have a perfectly clear picture of how human DNA works, but it all would have been worth it.

The world was entering its 22nd century and the genetic engineers and scientists were trying to create the perfect human beings to correct the problems that man made over the passed 2099 years. We dreamed up one being that could change life on Earth forever, to make it perfect. A Russian team of nineteen scientists lead by Dr. Ivan Lukin was assembles to do research on genetic engineering and tried to better understand how DNA works. With great exposure to the media, our research ultimately caught the attention of the federal government of Russia. They analyzed the group's work and gave them their authorization to actually produce superhumans to our desired amount. They believed we would make the world better and give a better perspective to Russia.

Dr. Lukin believes our team aren't merely scientists, so we began to call ourselves genetic engineers. The term is not often used, yet he firmly believes that by alternating people's genes, we were technically genetic engineers. I am Dr. Ana Pavlov and this is what became of the Superhuman Experiment: The Future of Mankind.

Siberia -- November 2099

I woke to the persistent buzzing of my alarm clock, as the green digits flashed 5:30AM. I flung an arm out of bed and tried in vain to press the "sleep" button. With all the clattering, my roommate Faviola Berinsk had woken up. She looked up at me with her brown eyes, annoyed and tired. "It doesn't take that long to press one button," Faviola pointed out. I got out of my bed and managed to press the "sleep" button.

"You should get up anyway. We must be at the lab by 6:00AM and we know how long it takes you to get ready," I said, taking off her duvet cover. Finally, she got up, her brown hair coming out of her messy ponytail. We both brushed our teeth and quickly put our protective surgical suits on and filed out of our room towards the lab.

"Now that we have the government's permission to execute our experiments, we must undergo them now," declared Dr. Lukin as his voice boomed throughout the lab. He is a very intelligent man, sometimes too intelligent for our society, as many have said. He is also a great leader and a very popular man with powerful friends. Dr. Lukin was recognized mostly by his large nose that seemed to take over his face and everyone noticed his receding hairline which never bothered him. He also was a man who loved listening to the sound of his voice because always spoke slowly and never seemed to be quiet.

There were 20 other members on the research team, including Faviola, Dr. Lukin and I, and we always had some sort of briefing, concerning what we were going to do, before the experiments took place. In this experiment, we were to insert chemicals into the subject and see how the body reacted.

Dr. Lukin went on about what we were doing and went over the safety precautions needed when the experiments took place. "By the way," he explained, "the subjects for this experiment are infants. You may wonder why we are using infants rather than a fetus. The fetus isn't developed enough to accept what we are using. They are also too small." Everyone seemed to not mind the fact that we were about to experiment on beings that would probably not live through this. I trusted his decisions, even though experimenting on something so young was not exactly the ideal subject for me.

"Unless we create artificial humans from scratch, then this is the only subject we can use," clarified Dr. Lukin in his thick Russian accent. I looked at the subject, hoping I wouldn't harm it, though it was probably inevitable. I made the first incision.

I stared at the subject in horror as I didn't see it move. I quickly checked the pulse. It was dead. This made it the twelfth death this week. It had to stop.

The government was becoming quite aware of the number of deaths as they had a representative look over us. Our failure to produce the superhuman angered them as we did not live up to what our mission stated. They even discussed shutting us down, as I found out later. No longer did they trust Dr. Lukin or us and they certainly did not want to wait around to see what became of our experiments.

Dr. Lukin was the most upset of all. "Where did I go wrong? What went wrong?" He was indeed upset with us. "Your duties are dismissed," he said, brushing us off as we exchanged odd glances. "Only one of us can do this correctly," he clarified, as we exited out of the lab. We were sure we were going to regret this. Even if we all were off the research team, what came next would make us glad that we did.

The news broke out that Dr. Lukin had managed to create superhumans, much to our surprise. All those infants didn't have to die, he created adult suerhumans from scratch. He always had the integrity and willpower to do such a thing, even tough he was under pressure to create one in such a small amount of time. Dr. Lukin received publicity like one could never imagine: he made the cover of every scientific news journal and was always on the news and called a "hero to society." Even Dr. Lukin himself couldn't believe the publicity he received. It would never have died down.

The superhumans did have something wrong with them. There remained one flaw in them: their immune system was not developed enough. Driven by his need for perfection, Dr. Lukin inserted beta proxy into every superhuman with hopes of perfecting their immune system. As predicted, these particles made the superhuman's immune system amazing, almost too amazing. They healed so quickly one didn't even notice it and they were immune to every disease that we knew of.

These superhumans had intelligence that reached beyond the limits of IQ test scores and held the beauty that everyone I knew dreamed of. Their athletic abilities made them excel on every field and at every game. No one could beat them, even the most talented athlete of our time gave up when they had a game. They were also extremely polite to every press member that asked them anything. They also had one gift that would become the most frightening thing for us all. They could persuade anyone to do anything. It didn't sound like much of a gift to Dr. Lukin yet it was the one thing that ruined him.

"Dr. Lukin, may I have a request?" asked #1085379, or Stella, one of the superhumans. Every superhuman had one real name and a 7-digit serial number.

"Yes," answered Dr. Lukin. "What is it?" When he turned around to look up at Stella, he saw his life flash before his eyes. His lifeless body dropped to the floor. She had shot him.

The beta proxy made them have amazing immunity, however it affected their brain. They were a very persuasive group and the beta proxy particles made them erratic into thinking that humans were against them. The superhumans thought every human was against them. With their strength, they fought against all those who opposed them. They quickly wiped out many of the people who confined them within Siberia and ventured off towards Europe. Everyone was taken by them, making their job easier. Everyone in the world seemed to allow these creatures to take over their lives and the world. Our world became theirs...

Epilogue -- January, 2102

The Russian Federal Government was also strongly criticized for giving us the green light. Although Dr. Lukin died, he was criticized for making more than one superhuman because with one, this could have been controlled. Now, I and the rest of the research team that was released establish the ASLA, the Anit-Superhuman Life Agency. Our mission is to find out how to extract the beat proxy particles and defend mankind. We are society's last hope.

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