Run Away

© battousai24

(Run Away)

Didn't you see

That there never was a real me

I just pretended

Coz I never really meant it

I just thought that it'd be cool, if I lied

But I never really thoght that

You would take a joke like that

I never really thought that

You would fall for me, that

You would care for me, but

I only thought that

You would hate me more, but

You just pretended

No, I didn't think you did

I thought that you wouldn't fall like that

I had to play the game

Coz I respect you, but

I never really loved you

I never really cared



So why don't you just go and run away

Go and run as fast as you can

Don't let me get you

Don't let me near you

Don't let me love you (coz I do)

Don't, don't let me care

No I don't want to (but I do)

So run away (run away)

Run away (run away)

Go as fast as you can (run away)



No, don't cry

I just told you

I love you, I care for you

Though I don't want to

I wanna hate you

Wanna kill you and get rid of you

The only problem is, I can't get my heart do

(Run Away)

But before you do, I'ma tell you

Forget me and if ever you would see me

Out there in the streets where I would always be

Don't ever talk to me

Promise me, just forget me

(Chorus 2x)

I said run away, run away

Yes, go as fast as you can

Run away

Yes, as fast as you can