The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse

Chapter 1
Depressed Soul

Hitomi sat gazing blankly out the window of her homeroom class. A few locks of her dark brown hair hung loosely by her ears while the rest remained tied in a loose braid which was slowly becoming undone.

The sky was dark and cloudy, as though it would soon rain. Not even five minutes later, the rain was pouring.

"It was a day like this.that day," she muttered to herself. She was referring to the day both her parents were killed in a car accident.

Exactly seven years ago, June 16th, on Hitomi's eighth birthday, she and her parents were driving home in the rain from a restaurant. Her father had his full attention on his daughter and not on the slippery road. By the time Hitomi's mother had seen the truck coming, it had been too late. The collision left both of her parents dead and Hitomi barely alive.

Her will to survive was what had kept Hitomi alive. She had wanted to live. Who wouldn't? But now, seven years later, she wished she were dead. It seemed the only thing keeping her alive was the mere beating of her heart.

Hitomi continued to stare out the fogged window. She wiped her hand across in attempt to clear the fog.

"Hitomi, class has been dismissed, we should go home now. My mom will worry," a voice said.

Hitomi turned to see Keiko Miishi, the class president whose family had raised Hitomi ever since she was thirteen.

She nodded in agreement, "Yes, you're right," she replied, not looking into Keiko's eyes and slowly stood up.

She threw her raincoat over her sulking shoulders, picked up her bag and followed Keiko out the school doors.

The ongoing rainfall caused the ground to flood little more than a centimeter. The strong wind caused the rain to blow straight into Hitomi's face though she did not attempt to stop it. By the time the two girls reached the house, her face and hair had been drenched in water.

"Hitomi Kazuki, you're going to catch a cold with that wet hair! Get into the bathroom and dry it this instant!" Mrs. Miishi told Hitomi once she and Keiko arrived in the house.

"Yes ma'am," Hitomi said slowly walking in the bathroom. She held her head over the sink while squeezing most of the water out of her hair. She picked up the hair dryer and turned it on low. She knew this would cause her to dry her hair slowly; she wanted to listen to Mr. and Mrs. Miishi's conversation in the kitchen.

"Hijiri, I've noticed that Hitomi seems to be much more.distant than usual," Mrs.Miishi told her husband.

"Of course, you do know what day it is, don't you?" Mr. Miishi replied. Hitomi heard the screeching of a chair across the linoleum floor as Mr. Miishi pulled up a chair so that he could sit down.

"Yes, it's her birthday, but.oh," Mrs. Miishi responded and the both became silent.

Hitomi the dryer on maximum and blew dried her hair until it was completely dry. Just as she was putting the hair dryer away, she heard the bathroom door open. She turned and saw Keiko standing at the door.

"Boy, it took you a while to dry your hair," she said.

Hitomi gazed into the mirror, glaring at herself.

"I hate my hair," she spat in a tone colder than ever.

"Hmm," Keiko said, "I think you have beautiful hair, Hitomi."

Hitomi ran her fingers through her dark brown locks. Her hair stopped at her shoulders and curled at the ends. Keiko was right, it was beautiful, but this did not change a thing. Hitomi hated every single about herself.

She picked up a pair of scissors lying on the counter and quickly cut her hair so that it stopped beneath her ears.

"I hate myself.I hate myself.It was my fault!" she screamed running past Keiko, out the bathroom door. She ran out the front door without stopping to grab her coat or to shut the door.

Keiko gasped in panic and quickly ran to the kitchen. "Mom, dad, Hitomi left in a hurry, we have to stop her before she does something stupid!"

Hitomi was completely drenched from head to toe in rain water. Before long, she found herself before the bridge; the bridge where her parents had been killed. It started to thunder and lightning making it more dangerous for her to be outdoors by the minute.

She stepped to the edge of the bridge but hesitated for a moment. "Its better this way," Hitomi muttered to herself, "I'll never hurt anyone again."

She inched closer to the edge so that one foot was dangling over the bridge.

Suddenly a voice called out, "Don't jump, Hitomi!"

Hitomi turned and saw Keiko standing yards away from her.

"Don't do anything stupid, just back up," she said.

Hitomi shook her head, "No, don't you understand, Keiko? I'm in pain, I'm depressed. I killed my parents. It was my fault they weren't paying attention," she replied looking away.

"Hitomi.," Keiko muttered in sympathy.

Hitomi looked at her with sorrowful eyes. "Thank you," she said, "you've always been such a kind friend to me.farewell." Hitomi closed her eyes and walked off the bridge.

"HITOMI!!!" Keiko sobbed dropping to her knees.

Hitomi felt air rushing past her as she fell. It'll all be over in a moment, my grief will cease to exist. She thought.

Suddenly she felt herself land gently in cold yet very shallow water. She kept her eyes closed wondering what was happening.

What's going on? She said to herself. Maybe I'm already I don't recall.

Hitomi slowly opened her eyes and was astounded by what she saw. She was lying on the edge of a lake inside a forest.

"Where am I?" she asked herself.

She stood up slowly; she still wet from running outside without her coat on. She shivered ever so slightly and crossed her arms in attempt to warm herself.

Out of nowhere, a hand reached out and grabbed her arm, while another clasped her mouth and pulled her into the bushes.

"What a pretty little boy," a voice said, "I'll make a killing off of you."

Hitomi was able to glance at the man who had snatched her. He was a middle aged man with blond hair and a face filled with scars. He wore a black patch over his left eye while his good eye, hungry with greed, stared at Hitomi in a frightening star.

He chuckled. "Yup, I'll make loads of money off of you. Families pay a lot for boys these days," he said.

Hitomi's eyes became wide in surprise. He thought she was a boy!

"I'm not a boy; I'm a girl!" she cried, but the man's hand was still clasped to her mouth; all that could be heard was a quiet muffled sound.

"Quiet boy or I'll cut your throat," he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a six-inch knife.

He slipped the knife carefully out of its case using only one had. He held the knife only millimeters away from Hitomi's throat.

Her breathing became quick, due to her fear and nervousness.

"That's more like it," the man said seeing her fearful eyes. "I'm taking you back to the boss," he said, "to see if you're worth selling."

Half an hour later Hitomi found herself inside a woodshed in a corner; her legs and hands were tied.

"What is this place?" she muttered to herself.

Suddenly the doors burst open, and in walked five men. One appeared to be the man from earlier.

"Yup boss, this is the boy I found about a mile form here," he said, as though admiring his hard work.

The boss nodded his head approvingly. He was a full figured, short man with hardly any neck.

"Excuse me, but could you untie me? These ropes are cutting painfully into my wrists," Hitomi asked quietly.

It was true; the ropes were creating severe scratches in her wrists that were starting to bleed.

The boss stared at her suspiciously. He must have seen how helpless she was because he finally gave in.

"Very well, but if you try anything sneaky, we'll kill you," he said sternly.

Hitomi nodded in agreement, "Yes sir," she whispered.

The man who had captured Hitomi in the first place took out his knife and cut her ropes.

Hitomi placed her hands neatly in her lap.

The men stared.

"You're a rather calm boy," the boss said.

Hitomi glared. "I am not a boy! I'm a fifteen year old girl with short hair, is there a problem with that?!" she asked.

The boss stared, the eye patched man kneeled toward him. "You know boss, if you look closely you can tell she's a female," he muttered.

Hitomi gasped and slapped him clear across the face.

"You.pig!" she cried, blushing slightly.

A bright red mark appeared across the man's face. The boss's expression was left in fury.

"How dare strike a bandit is a mistake that shall not be taken lightly!" he yelled.

Hitomi felt a piercing pain in her lip as the boss punched her hard in the mouth. A warm liquid ran down her chin, and she tasted blood in her mouth.

The bandit with the eye patch slapped her with great force.

The other three bandits looked each other and nodded. One bandit quickly retied her ropes while the others threw stones at her.

The boss and the eye-patched man continued to slap and punch her while Hitomi yelped out in pain.

Suddenly another bandit ran into the shed; his face was panic stricken.

"Sir! Cloud is coming!" he cried.

The bandits stopped abusing Hitomi at once. The boss stared at Hitomi as though she had planned this.

"If you make a single noise.we'll kill you, and if we don't.he will," he said laughing evilly.

The bandits left the shed, closed the door, and the click of a lock told Hitomi they had locked her in.

She wept silent tears wondering what would happen to her. She listened to the voices outside.

"Reidon, you owe me," said a voice Hitomi assumed was Cloud.

The boss spoke up. "We're still raising money to repay you sir," he said a hint of fear in his tone.

There was a short pause.

"Why is the shed locked? I have known you long enough to know that you never lock anything unless you're hiding something," Cloud said suspiciously.

The boss started to panic. "Oh it's nothing! Nothing that would interest you I'm sure!" he said in a shaky tone.

There was a loud crunch and pieces of the wood door flew into the shed.

Hitomi squinted as light filled the small room. Someone blocked the light and emerged into the shed. It was not a bandit so Hitomi assumed he was Cloud.

The bandits were terrified of him, but he did not look much older than her.

He had messy night-black hair and dark brown eyes. He had an angry expression and his face was left emotionless.

He bent down and looked at Hitomi, who shuddered in fear. He lifted his hand and wiped the blood off her chin.

"Stop crying," he told her as though it were an order. He had a kind voice, but he looked as though he never smiled.

Hitomi stopped crying.

Because she was so exhausted from her beating, she slowly fell asleep and fell onto Cloud.

He laid her down and looked up at the bandits in disgust.

"Since when do you abuse helpless little girls Reidon?" he asked yelling.

Reidon shuddered, and the bandits backed away in fear.

Reidon thought for a moment, then grinned.

Cloud glared at him; Reidon stopped smiling at once.

"Why don't I make a deal with you? You overlook our debt, and we give you the girl," he said in a take-it-or-leave-it tone.

Cloud pulled out his sword. "Are you trying to trick me?! he asked angered.

Reidon shook his head quickly. "No! This girl's worth a full 40 golden rupies!" he cried.

Cloud stared back at the brutally beaten Hitomi, her body full of bleeding cuts, scratches, and large bruises, then back at Reidon.

He slowly put his sword away.

"Fine, I'll take her," he said, ''but if you ever attempt to do anything like this will regret it."

Reidon nodded in approval.

Cloud walked into the shed and gently lifted Hitomi into his arms.

He walked off into the forest, but not before stopping to say, "We will meet again.Reidon," and disappearing out of sight.

-End Chapter 1