I cry as I hide inside myself
And the sins fall on me
The oceans unleash
And the salt water pours on my wounds
And I die inside myself once again,
And I fall in pain ten times ten
The black birds fly above
And rest on my body.

I was born
When the night's skye still tries to keep
Open its eye,
And maybe when a man was killed,
When someone
The Sunshine never missed.
The weather was rough
And the skies were gray
And at those hours the world was sad
These all above were given to me,
These were the gifts Capricorn made me.

Maybe it should of meant something
When daddy tried to kill the unborn me,
Maybe I should of been diffrent
Or maybe it was not my fault ,
It all comes back to me.

That night ,
A dark man looked up in the sky ,
And as his eyes looked somewhere
Beyond the city, very far,
He said
"Capricorn was born ,but she was not born under a lucky star..."