My Family, The Mercenaries/Space Pirates


The Year: 3015

The Place: The Scavenger-Mercenary Ship in deep space

Some Background Info: Ace ended up on the Mercenary ship at the age of 10. She had run away from the orphanage she lived in on Earth, stowed away on a shuttle taking more passengers into space, then at a ship stop she switched onto a merc ship unknowingly, that is...until they found her.

The mercenaries in question were more like pirates, but Ace didn't really care. She was 15 now, and the people on the Scavenger were like her family. Well, most of them anyway. The only guy who didn't take too kindly to her was Murphy, a tall brawny guy that even the other mercs were a little weary of. All except for Patch anyways.

Patch is a six foot tall (a foot taller than Ace) muscular guy with shaggy black hair, a stubbly chin, and an eyepatch over his left eye (which gained him the nickname). He had been like a father to Ace ever since he finally warmed up to her when she was discovered on their ship. Patch was the leader, the captain, the pilot (the ship's computers do most of the flying and everything, but if anything ever happened, he'd be the one piloting) the one that most of the crew looked up too, especially Ace. He's a gruff guy (not just looks either, he can get pretty mean) but very protective of his little 'family', and Ace thinks he's just a big ol' teddy bear.

The young girl had been forced to chop off all of her hair, leaving a green (yes, natural green hair) fuzz atop her head. Patch told her it would be better this way, since they sometimes made stops or traded with other mercs, and she could easily impersonate a boy that way. It wasn't heard of to have a girl (especially a child) on a ship such as this; though a boy could be a merc's apprentice.

The other guys on the ship are Friday; A tall, skinny guy with red hair, freckles, and a tuft of hair on his chin. He was like an uncle or older cusin to Ace, and they often got into some mischief, despite Patch's warnings. That leaves Big John; A big guy with a scruffy brown beard. He does most of the engineering work on the ship if any is needed. (yeah, and we already mentioned Murphy...the crew's resident psycho/killer for fun/jerk/bastard in general)