By: Megan Riffey
Chapter 1

A knock came at the door, a young woman about 23 answered it. A guy in a black tuxedo, with black glasses, a gun, and a badge. The woman looked him over, guessed what is was about, and started to cry.

"Miss Book? I'm with the Sheriff department. Earlier today, your husband was in an accident.." The guy paused when he said accident, knowing that the woman knew what he was talking about. "what I'm trying to say, is that, your husband was killed. I'm very sorry, if there's anything I can do, please fill free to call the department night or day."

The woman slid down, drowning in her own tears. Her love, her companion, her lover, was no longer with her. She would no longer feel his body, make love with him, never know he was going to be a father...

~15 years later~

"Mom, where's my homework?"

"On the table, Abby. I'll take you to school, get ready."

"Already ready." A young woman about 15 walked down the stairs, in a tight red shirt, and hip huggers. Her mother gave her a worry look.

"You're not going to wear that are you?" Abby looked at her mother, kissed her, and urged her out the door. Her mother pulled up to the high school, and let her off.

"Thanks mom. I'll get a ride home with one of my friends, so don't worry about me." Abby flashed her teeth, started walking toward the school, being greeted by all of her friends.

"Abby! What's up my chick?" yelled a guy, about 6" 2". Abby rolled her eyes, closed her locker door, and started to walk away. "come on! Abby, what's your problem? Just talk to me. It would be good if we could just talk." Abby turned around, slapped the guy and continued to walk.

~Later that Day At Lunch~

"Abby! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Where have you been?" Her friend put her arm in Abby's, and skipped to the lunch line.

"I've been here all day, Amanda. I'm surprised you haven't seen me. Maybe if you would actually go to class." Abby joked. Amanda started jumping up and down like a bunny.

"Shut up! Guess what?"


"There's a new student, and your guy friend is going to give him a hard time." Abby rolled her eyes.

"Where's is the new guy at?" Amanda pointed to a guy who was sitting by himself. After Abby got her food, she thought she would sit with the new kid.

"He's hot." Amanda butted in, Abby quickly agreed.

"I'm going to go sit over there with him, do you want to come?"

"Nah, I'll leave that to you." They said their good-byes. Abby walked over to the empty table and asked if she could sit down, the guy nodded.

"Hi, I'm Abigail Book, but you can just call me Abby." Abby offered her hand, and he took it.

"I'm Michael Mercer." Abby's guy "friend" walked over and pushed Michael. Abby quickly stepped to Michael's defense.

"Look Sean, you need to leave him alone. He has never done anything to you." Sean got made, slapped Abby knocking her down in front of the whole cafeteria. Then he went after Michael. Michael quickly grabbed Sean's arm, kneeing him in the stomach, he dropped to the floor. Michael helped Abby up, and brushed her off, checking to make sure she was all right.

"Are you all right?" Michael was holding her tight, not even releasing her a bit.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." Abby shrugged Michael off, and walked out of the room. Michael let her go, hoping if she would come back, but didn't. Abby's mom was called, and she was taken home. She sat in her room and cried, making her mother cry remember when the last time she heard someone or herself cry like that. A knock rang loud and clear on the door. Her mother went downstairs, answered it, to find Michael standing there. Her mother stuttered.

"Uh--Yo-You Ar-are?" Michael offered an hand, and she gracefully accepted it.

"Michael Mercer. I go to school with Abby."

"Oh yes, of course. Can I help you?" Her mother started to fill uneasy.

"I just brought Abby's homework, I didn't know if she was going to be back later, so I got her homework." He handed her mother the homework, and heard crying from upstairs.

"It's nothing, it'll pass."

"Do you mind if I talk to her?"

"Uh, sure. By the way you can call me Miss B. She's upstairs, straight through, you can't miss her room." Michael walked up the stairs, just following the cries that Abby was bearing. He finally found her room, knocked on her door and entered.

"Abby?" Abby looked over toward the door, seeing Michael she quickly brushed her tears away, but more were flowing right after. Michael sat down next to her, and brushed her hair out of her face. "are you okay?" Abby looked at him, and shook her head in disagreement. Abby sat up, and leaned her head against his chest, crying even more. Her mother looked in, saw this, and sighed.

Neither Michael or Abby said anything for a long time. Michael's cell phone rang, excused himself to the hall and answered it.

"Michael, where are you? Your suppose to be home by now!"

"I know mom. I'm just at a friends house, their just having a little trouble."

"A female friend I suppose?"

"Mom, I'll see you whenever I get home." Michael hung up the phone, and walked back into the room, sat back down on the bed. Abby laid facing him, letting her tears show. He wiped her tears, kissed her cheek, and laid down beside her. Holding her in his arms, making sure she knew he was there, and would always be there for her. Michael started to get up, as he walked out, Abby spoke to him.

"Michael? I'm afraid to be alone right now, can you please stay with me?" Michael looked around, then finally back at Abby.

"Sure. I just have to call my mom, okay? I'll be back up in a minute." Abby nodded and rolled back over, closed her eyes imagining herself making love to him, someone who knows how to take care of himself, yet so gentle and caring. Michael went downstairs and asked if he could use their phone, Miss B nodded.

"Abby said she wanted to stay here with her." Michael told Miss B.

"So you just checking to make sure I'll allow it, right?"


"Yes, you can. But you have to make sure that your parents will let you."

"I will." Michael called home, and his mother picked up. "mom, hey, I'm going to spend the night here, is that all right?"

"Depends Michael...who exactly are you spending the night with?"

"Her name is Abby. She's had a little trouble at school, but she'll be okay, and she doesn't want me to leave."

"So it was a girl? I don't know Michael. You have to talk to your father about this, honestly, I say no. But whatever your father says. I'll go put him on." A few minutes later, a man answered the phone.


"Your mother says you want to spend the night at a girls house am I right?"

"Yes, her mother already said it was okay, but only if it was okay with you. Mom said no."

"I know what mom said... Why do you want to spend the night?"

"She asked me to. A guy hit her at school in front of everyone, because she sat down with me, and she was the first person to introduce herself to me." Michael's father sighed.

"Fine Michael. You can stay, but I expect you home in the morning."

"Yes sure." Michael hung up the phone, told Miss B that his father said yes, and returned to Abby. Abby was still crying, sitting on her bed, with her knees up to her chest.

"Michael?" Abby stood up and walked over to Michael. She placed one hand on his face and pressed her lips against his. His body tensed, wanting what she was offering her, but knowing he couldn't. He removed his lips from hers, his eyes not leaving hers.

"Abby, we can't do this. We can't." Michael forced his way into her room, and sat on her bed. Abby walked up to him, lifted this head and caressed his neck.

"You can do this, you can. You wouldn't be taking advantage of me, Michael. Just relax." Michael stood up quickly out of her reach.

"We can't do this!" He whispered in a harsh voice. Abby looked at him, pushed him against the wall, making sure she could feel his arousal. Michael started to gasp in breathless sounds. He tried to push her back, but his desire overcame him, letting her tempt him.

"Michael, we can do this." Abby kissed him. Michael placed his hands on her waist, moving them up to her breasts' then back down to her waist, slowly removing her shirt. Abby gasped when he kissed her chest. Something in Michael told him that they couldn't do this, he pushed Abby back.

"We cannot do this, Abby. I think it'd be better if I left and went home." Michael started to walk about the door, but Abby wouldn't let him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. When you were downstairs I couldn't help but think what it would like to make love to you. I--ju-just please... just stay." Abby rested her head on his shoulder. He said nothing, but just placed her on her bed.

"Just sleep. Tomorrow morning you'll act like nothing happened." Michael laid down besides her, waiting till she fell asleep, after she fell asleep, Michael got up an left. Michael walked in the door to see his father and mother waiting for him.

"It's nice to see you decided to come home." Michael rolled his eyes, and started up to his room.

"Excuse me, Michael. Your not going anywhere. Come back down here." He did what he was told, and sat at a chair in the kitchen.

"What the hell did you do with her? Huh? Did you two have sex?" Michael rubbed his chin, and sighed.

"No. We didn't have sex, she..."

"She did what? What?"

"She..." Michael paused for a moment and decided to tell the truth. "she tempted me to have sex with her, and I almost did...but I didn't."

"Michael, you are forbidden go ever see her again. You got that?" Michael couldn't believe what they had just said.

"Whatever." Michael got up and went upstairs to his room. While his parents were talking downstairs.

"You realize, that even if we forbid him, it won't change anything between them. They'll still want each other." Michael's mom added.

"Yes, I know. That's why I'm going to put surveillance on him and her."

"Yeah, and when he finds out what you did, you'll have just lost a son. Can't you tell that he likes this girl? Goddamn, Jonathan, what am I suppose to tell him when he wants to go over there? Or when he goes to school?"

"We'll trans--"

"No, I am not going to transfer him again. Let him be, got that?" Jonathan nodded and went upstairs. Soon before everyone knew it morning had came. Michael was usually the first one up, but today he wasn't. He slept right through his alarm clock.

"Michael, time to get up." A few minutes later, Michael was still not up. "Jonathan, please go up and get him up. He's going to be late on his second day."

"Fine." Jonathan got up and went to get Michael up. The door was closed and locked, Jonathan busted the lock to see an empty bedroom. He ran back downstairs. "he's not there. He's gone."