Chapter 6
By: Megan Riffey

Abby looked at Michael, a little surprised.

"Excuse me? What--What did you say?" Michael knew she heard him the first time, but repeated it anyway.

"I won't becoming back, I'm sorry Abby." Abby got up, her arms in the air, waving them around.

"What the hell did you just say? Are you sure you don't want to come back? I can't believe this Michael! Goddamn you, just when everything was going good you went and screwed up again." Michael jumped up into his defense, sparking a fight.

"Look, I didn't screw up the first time, you did. You wanted to have sex with me, you wanted me so damn badly that you would have done anything. I took this operation, before I came here Abby. I didn't know I'd be in bed with you or ask you to marry me."

"It seems like that proposal was for nothing Michael." Abby ripped the ring off of her ringer, and placed it back in Michael's hand. "Get out." Michael looked stunned.

"What? Abby, don't do this."

"No Michael. I am doing this, you took that operation, and no one made you, then you come here and expect me to be heartbroken? That isn't the way it works now. Leave." Michael tried to change her mind, but everything he said wouldn't work. He finally got tried of trying and agreed to leave.

"Fine Abby, I'll leave. I hope you have a happy life." Michael left, slamming the doors. Abby sighed, rubbed her face and started to cry.

Michael was storming down the hallways of the CIA headquarters, when his father stopped him.

"What's wrong?" Michael shrugged him off and continued to walk.

"Nothing's wrong dad, just leave me alone."

"Apparently something is wrong. I've never seen you so pissed off in your lifetime. Not once Michael. What is bothering you?"


"What happened?" Michael stopped and pulled his father to the side.

"We got into a fight. You know operation suicide? Well, before I came here I signed up for it, and Abby's pissed because I told her about this morning she gave me the ring back and told me she wasn't going to be heartbroken again." Michael continued to walk down the hallway.

"First of all Michael, what the hell are you doing signing up for that operation? If your mother found out, she would be pissed at both of us. Michael this is your life we're talking about, not just some walk in the park. You can't go and do stupid things like that."

"It's too late, dad. They've already approved me, and there is no turning back, I hate to see mom or anyone else sad, but how did you think I felt when you never once tried looking for me when I ran away? Obviously not very hard."

"Michael we did try and look for you. We looked all over the goddamn US! What did you want us to do? We have no more options!"

"You have fucking options! I'm sick and tried of everyone judging me, I'm 26 years old, I can take care of myself. I do not need a woman, or a family. If at least, I just want Abby and you to stay out of it for good."

"So is this the way you've going to leave it? Everyone pissed off to hells high? You can't just leave things unsettled, because once you get on that plane Michael you are never coming back, you understand me?"

"Yes dad, I do understand. I understand what I'm doing, if I leave things unsettled so be it." Michael walked outside sighing and kicking rocks. The head of Operation Suicide came out of the building.

"Michael?" Michael looked up.

"Mr. Voss. How can I help you?"

"Your father..." Michael chuckled and looked away.

"My father, I don't care what my father thinks."

"He suggested that he go on the operation instead of you. That you still have your life a head of you. That you lost a woman due to telling her about the operation."

"I did lose a woman, but it doesn't matter. She doesn't need me and I don't need her. I'm still going on this operation where my father thinks I should or shouldn't. It's my choice not his."

"How do you know that this woman doesn't need you? Michael for all we know she was just pissed to hear that you were going someplace and not coming back."

"That's life. Nothing nor no one can change my mind. Got that? I'm still going on this operation." Michael sighed and started to walk away. Michael arrived back at this hotel room. He sat there thinking what he should do, he decided he had nothing to live for, this was the only way he could prove he was worthy. He couldn't and wouldn't have the guts to say good-bye, but secretly, Michael hoped they'd all be there when he left his life.

Michael woke up, and noticed it was the next morning. He had so much to do, in only a day. He reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet and opened it to a picture of Abby and him 10 years ago. He felt more horrible as he stared into the picture, hoping she would knock at the door, instead he got nothing. At two, Michael pulled up to the airport, where he would leave. A large crowd stood there cheering him on as he walked.

He searched for a familiar face, but didn't find what he was looking for. He continued to walk until he was greeted by Mr. Voss.

"Are you sure you still want to do this?" Michael nodded, letting the head of operations lead him into the building. Michael was briefed for the next five hours.

"I'd just like to say, all of you are fine Agents, and you will be sorely missed if you do not return home..." Mr. Voss paused for a minute and stared at Michael. "If you'd like to back out now, speak now..." No one spoke, not even a whisper.

"If your body is not found, we will assume your alive and send out a search and rescue team. If at all possible you must leave something in the clear open to tell us you are alive. Please do not disappoint the US, we want to see every single one of you come home, but in some cases, that'll be in a coffin. Thank You Men for being the finest team I can put together. You can all go."

Michael walked back out the place he walked in, still seeing large number of people, even more than before standing there. This time he saw several familiar faces. His fathers, mothers, and Abby's. He looked at them, then looked forward not looking back again. He stayed in another hotel with rest of the operation members. They were all chit-chatting, but Michael didn't bothering. He just sat there thinking about his life, and what a waste it was. He'd never have a family, get married, or anything else, it was all up to him to make sure his operation didn't fail, he was the head of the op.

"Hey Michael! Aren't you going to talk to us? We've been trying to talk to you for a while now."

Michael just sat there, not answering, the other guys getting the clue not to talk to him. He couldn't sleep, nor stop thinking. Was he screwing up everything that was good in his life? Giving it all up? Michael thought he was only thinking for about an hour, but turned about to be the entire night. The alarm clock went off, he gently turned it off, this was the day, the day he could die.

He got dressed while he waiting for the others to finish getting their stuff ready. Michael looked at one of the men, then back to what he was doing. His heart was pounding like a tiger hunting it's prey. He kept taking in deep breaths, his chest moving up and down faster and faster.

"Are you okay?" Michael turned around to see one of the other guys talking to him.

"No." Michael didn't say anything from there on, just continued to get ready. By the time he was finished getting ready it was time for him to leave. He loaded his bags into the back of the SUV's and entered into the passenger side of the vehicle, waiting for the others to finished. The driver drove to the airport where Michael had been the day before. There were twice as many people as before. Again he saw his father, mother, and Abby. He looked over there quite a few times thinking about going over there.

"Michael, this is your last chance to say good-bye. You have no other chances." Michael looked at Mr. Voss, placed his bags on the ground, and started to walk over to his parents and lover. He first started with his parents.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I couldn't have been a better son, but there are just some things I have to do and this is one of them. Please don't say anything, I just want to get his done and over with. I love you two." Michael started tried to smile but he just couldn't. He moved to Abby.

"Michael..." Michael hushed Abby, making sure she wouldn't speak.

"Don't say anything, just let me talk. I'm sorry I left ten years ago, I'm sorry I proposed to you, I'm sorry I told you about this at the last minute, but I have to do this, this is the last thing I have to do. I'm sorry Abby, for everything. I love you so much, I wanted a family, to spend the rest of my life with you, but I guess that isn't the way things work out. Good-Bye." Michael started to walk away, just as he did, Abby yelled.

"Michael!" He turned around and looked in the eyes, with everyone staring on them. "Just...come back to me. Please." Michael looked down then continued to walk toward the plane. Michael stepped onto the steps of the plane, looked back then walked into the plane. Abby started to cry as the plane hatch closed. The planes engines started up, a loud whirling noise, that Abby put up with to see Michael lifted off. Michael looked through a window and waved good-bye one last time. Abby waved back just as the plane lifted off. For a few minutes she watched as the plane disappeared into the clouds...