Acerbus Angelus

Fallen angel,

Refusing to touch the ground.


Back strained

-wings slowly tearing apart-

Head pounding

-pressure of rushing air unbearable-

Eyes faltering

-the dull extremities of blinding Earthen colors-


Fallen Angel


In his heart

Burning hatred is harbored

In his frigid veins

Boils revenge

In his loving glance

Shines death.


Fallen Angel


Yet still,

We marvel at this sight,

Raise praises to the Lord above

For sending us his divine artisan.

Though what we overlook

Reveals his exiled truth.


Fallen Angel


The black-tipped feathers of his wings.

Scarlet-dried blood beneath his nails.

A solitary ashen streak

Parting a sea of ebony hair.

His once glistening robe of silk,

Now coated and splotched with mud and blood.


Fallen Angel


Though when he opens his mouth,

The gentle cadence of his words

Sets a glamour of beauty

Upon my prodding eyes

Creating the illusion of utter perfection,

A hypnosis sewn with sweetened lies.


Fallen Angel,

Determined to fly once more.

A/N: Acerbus Angelus=Bitter Angel