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"Come on..hurry up!" He tugged urgently at her wrist, non-too-gently pulling her forward with him.

"Alright.." Arrained murmured, slightly out of breath. They'd be practically plowing through the forest at a break-neck speed, the demon being heedless of shrub or stone. His female companion, however, was not so impervious. "Can't we stop for a bit?" She assumed they were weaving a path back to his dominion, but the trail he'd carved tonight was notably different than the usual one he took. And then there was the urgency in his movements. It'd become apparent the moment the pair had entered the forest.

But the incubi king looked warily at her. "Dawn will be here soon.."

Wincing as a long-hanging branch raked at her should, Arraine looked up at his curiously. "What happens at dawn?"

"Demons shouldn't be out at dawn.." He said hastily, speeding up their pace.

"But you took me out into the sunlight that day!" Her brows furrowed. He'd been perfectly fine with sunlight then. What made it so different now?

"Well..the forests aren't that safe anymore." He said evenly. "And..I'd feel better if we were both safe inside my home."

Following close behind, the girl started to say something, but bit her tongue at his vexed appearance. Perhaps something had happened. He'd explain later on, right?