I broke your heart a dozen times,
And yet you say you love me.
I caused you grief beyond belief,
Still your arms are open towards me.
Why, do you lift me up,
A forsaken sinner,
Why have you shown me love,
When no one ever has?
I look to your arms
And look to your legs,
To see the hands and feet
That took the nails for me,
To realize the extent of your love for me.
When everyone has failed me,
You're the one that saved me.
When I feel my life is through,
You're the one that gets me through.
Threw me the one line,
That will never, ever, break.
And I trust that you
Will keep me safe.
I shall always take refuge
Within your arms,
For only You
Can rescue me.
I shun myself
For being a fool,
All those hours wasted away.
When all along
You were there
With your hand extended
And your smile ablaze.
Even when I know I hurt you,
You welcome me when I come running back.
Through the thick and darkest times,
Your presence is always by my side.
You'll never ever let me go,
You my Lord shall always be,
The Shepard of my soul.