"Death of a Poet"
Kitty Rubicam
Silent eyes watch me,
Lying here,
With the rain beating down on my skin.
My sweat and blood are now diluted,
By these welcome tears from heaven.
My tears fall freely now,
Thought my pain has been relieved,
And my life is slowly flickering.
I cry for my lost moments,
And the tears I never shed.
But these,
These are tears of guilt and regret.
And the eyes are laughing now.
"Poet!" They say as one,
Their voices laughing in my ear.
"Was it not you who said to live with no regrets?"
And my hypocrisy stabs pulling chunks from my soft flesh.
I gasp and cough up lies I've woven.
I spit out my dirty deeds,
For the eyes to scrutinize,
And poke and prod
And laugh at my poor will.
And death is now whispering,
Sweet nothings in my ear,
And in my last breaths please God,
Let me cry out,
"Forgive me of my sins."
And the eye's become silent once more,
And as quickly as they came to laugh,
They Quickly,