"Here you go young woman. That'll be five golds." A merchant said as he past some fruit to a girl in the busy market place.
"Thank you. Here's the gold," She replied politely as she turned to walk away, but not before the merchant asked her a question.
"That's a mighty strange necklace you're wearing...May I ask where it came from?"
She turned around; her hair was twirling slightly, and looked somewhat indecisive. "Well, you see, I'm with two of my friends, and we're in a weird prediciment..." was her sentence as two people, who had somewhat similar clothing, came up, whispered in her ear and hurried her away after she got in one last thank you. ~Ronin Gakusei~ The three of them stumbled into an empty alley ad got into a circle. Yuriko look at the other two, and then began to speak. "It's obvious that we aren't from around here. Even if we tried, people will notice. So, we should make a story for the mean while." She finished and gave a glance through the alleyway, which at the end was a group of watchers.
"How about that we lived in a orphanage that burned down a couple years ago, and been traveling since?" Kai waited for the groups' response.
Kiyoshi and Yuriko didn't know what quite to think. People in the street were starting to gather in a crowd.
"Maybe we should act more normal." Kiyoshi pointed to the street. "Lets just say that we came from a small town in the south west. Most people won't desire to know anymore. Until the time that they want to know more, we are just going to have to be inconspicuous." Everyone nodded they're had and moved out. They were saying small excuses and apologies as they tried to make their way through the crowd, embarrassed. ~
"Three people, one night, and three beds? I'm sorry, but we only have a two-bed room open. We will be able to provide a sleeping bag."
"That'll be fine. How much will it cost?" She dreaded that thought, but at least it would be cheaper than a three-bed room. Kiyoshi was walking around the room looking at the paintings, Kai was impressed with the size of the fish, while she herself was fasinated by the crystal jewelry. Obviously, this was a very nice expensive, but the only one in the town still unreserved, which was unusual for a place of this stature.
"It amounts to fifty golds," He informed Yuriko, who was surprised by the low price.
"I'm sure, Madame. Everything adds up to a total of fifty golds. If you want, you may add a tip to it." He said, motioning to the tips jar.
"Uh, no. I'm okay. Here are your fifty golds. Thank you." She said, trying to hurry up.
"Yes then. Here are your keys. Room five is upstairs on the left hall, third on the right. Enjoy your stay!" He added an awkwardly cheerful note on the last word to almost make Yuriko thought twice about the stay.
She stared at him some...thought...and replied with a thank you. She gathered the other two, and headed up to the room. ~
The three of were resting in their room. It only had two rooms, a bedroom and a living room. Yuriko was in the next room cleaning up, while Kai and Kiyoshi waited for their turn. Kiyoshi was staring at the window while Kai was sitting on the chair, going through his satchel.
"Come here" Kiyoshi said softly, peering at a booth in the street. "A boy just stole forty golds as a man walked buy, enough to buy him self a days worth of food. He looks like he wouldn't be the type to do that, but that is just what he wants you to think."
Kai watched as the boy walked away, with out a second though.
"I wonder if we could have been like him..." He added. Kai walked back to the table and sat down. He continued to look through the satchel.
Kiyoshi kept looking through the window, thinking about the possibilities. "Why do still look through that thing? You know that there's nothing in there that will help us.
Kai paused for a moment. He turned his head over to Kiyoshi, who looked back. "It let me know that someone stole the rest of our golds." They silently agreed and headed to the street.
"Okay guys, we're done! Lets go and. Hey, are you even here?" Yuriko looked around the empty room. ~
The street was filled with tons of people. Mutters were surrounding Kiyoshi and Kai as they walked through the crowd. It was early noon, and the sun's heat was getting heavier each second.
"Over by the watermelon stand. See him?" Kiyoshi whispered
"Yeah. With the red hat." Kai responded quietly. "I'll talk to him, and if he runs, you get behind him." Kiyoshi nodded and moved in front of Kai. Kai walked over and pretended to look at the watermelons. The kid was about to pay for one when Kai, without turning head smirked and said, "Are you buying that for me? That is my gold, you know." The kid froze. He took a look at the man at his side, turned, and ran away to the other side, still holding the watermelon. Kai started after him, after his hand quickly slid of the kid's shoulder. The merchant was yelling curses as they both disappeared into the mass of people.
The child's running cause quite a commotion-the street was beginning to clear for him. He thought he had it made, smiling sweetly for just stealing a watermelon - even if he did get caught. But that feeling was taken over by fear as soon as he saw Kiyoshi standing strait in his path. Holding a staff, he put his hand out and staff to the other side of the man- made path, and yelled "Stop right there!" The kid just increased his speed, hopped onto the top of Kiyoshi's wooden staff, and propelled into the crowd.
"Did you get him?" Kai asked when he got to where Kiyoshi was.
"No, I didn't. But he went in that direction" Kiyoshi pointed at the alley to the left, "Should we follow?"
Kai put a grin on his face. "Why not? If he wants a game, we'll give him one." He motioned toward the corner of a building and it's alley. What's up with all these alleyways? Kiyoshi silently asked. He didn't necesarly dislike them, but that didn't mean that he enjoyed being in them. He pushed the thought into the back of his mind and came to the conclusion he needed get used to it. Kai kept walking and went to what could be called the artery of the street-the alley that connected all the shops. It was smaller then the one the two just left, and it was cluttered with boxes, merchendise, and various other objects thrown about. "When we were talking in the alley, the three of us, that was when that kid took our golds," Kai started to explain his thoughts, "and since there was a group of people on the street side, he must have came through here." Kiyoshi was impressed. "Nice going there Kai. You're more alert than most people." "I'm sure you knew already though" He responded with a happy, but not quite satisfied sound, like Kiyoshi was only trying to make him feel better. Kiyoshi didn't realize that connection though. He didn't even notice that he took the golds. Yes, he did see and understand more than the natural human, but his mind only was able to hold so much. His apperance was deciving- he gave the impression of a innovative thinker, while he was only a viewer. He only analyzed what he expirenced, that is, when he's paying attention. Kai's words struck him, even if only a little.
Both of them stopped in their tracks and look towards the ground. A trail was laid for them to follow, like dance steps on the floor, made entirely of watermelon seeds. Lets follow it Kiyoshi thought immeadiatley, moving along the cramped alley.
"Wow, he could wait to start eating that melon" Kai remarked and smiled. Looking around for something that would give more clues, Kiyoshi crept along the seeds until he came up to the back door of a building. The two men were about three blocks from their inn, if not further. Kiyoshi called Kai to his discovery, and they wonder of what to do.
"Should we just barge in?" Kai pondered.
"Maybe we should go get Yuriko. You know she gets lonely very easily."
".I forgot about her. Wonder what she's doing now." Kai went on as him and Kiyoshi shuttered at the thought of seeing her in an angry mood. "Well, since we're here, might as well go in. I mean, we are following a thief."
"Might as well" Kiyoshi shrugged any other concerns off with Yuriko. She'll be able to take care of herself. She can fight better than almost every man.