"Crying Juliet"

I rise from the dead for you
For beautiful flawless you
Even when death is what I hoped for.
Where I longed to be.
I rise from the dead for you
Just to seek again your touch
And the pale of your
White gloveless hand
That once promises me
Creation, promises me life.
In the end I could probably say, "I do."
I would be content.

I rise from the dead for you
I need to find you
My love. My prince...
To know the reason why
you never came. The reason why
lovely lilies stained cold in blood
Turning red, on the day and in the hour of my death
While you didn't know a thing.
How could you not know?
Your heart should be very heavy.
Yes. It should.
No match for a light feather, it won't.
Death is not the end, there's more
sorrow to come. This I know too well.

Before your voice,
I hear it always, a scream
Of metal seering metal
Fluid acid, burning like ice. Only that
ice could never burn. Such is the language of pain.
It existed here. It existed then.
I once strived in its presence, caring not
what I should find, never hoping for anything.
The flesh quivered, mind is a precious thing
to waste. I rise from the dead for you.
To scorn you, to be mad at you
For the reason why
you gave me life.
I was dead before we even met.

I cheated death for you.
To see the same azure eyes
That wake me from my slumber
That make me a witness
to a different world, full of flowers.
Do not make me thank you now.
I will kill your heart, my love
Make you mine. Wash it till
it's holy and pure again. And I'll come and bring
those sweet red-blood lilies to you,
The flowers that used to remind you so much
Of beautiful me.
And we will be together again
To forever pretend the love - you said
would always be true.

Let us find release in death
For I will be happy there
And you...

You will suffer.

Wait... No. Let - Let go of these arms.

Do not let me believe
That you love me still.