To be a Slave. What does it mean to be a slave. My name is Annie Berfield. Sixty years ago I became a slave. I was beaten, I have the scars to show it too. Now here I am, seventy-four years old and free. I am 'bout to tell you my life story of when I was a slave and what my life was like.

I was fourteen when I was captured. I was an only teenager. One day we were working around the house and all a sudden there was white men all around us. They took my Ma and Pa and then came after me. I tried to run but they knocked me to the ground and beat me hard. As I screamed I could hear the scream of our friends that lived near by that were also being taken to the ship. I kicked and kicked as they carried me. I stopped screaming and kicking when I heard a gun shot. I turned my head to look all around. I then noticed that a white man had shot two black people. I didn't know who the dead people were but from then I kept my mouth shut and didn't bother to move. I didn't want to die...yet.

As they shoved me on the ship I hurried desperately to try and find my Ma and Pa. I finally found them after pushing through all the other people. Then the white people led us to a place inside the ship. That is where we were to stay. The space where we had to stay was long but it was only two in a half feet high. They chained us to the walls. I was scared. I asked my Pa why the white men had taken us. He told me that we were going to become slaves. That we would have to work day in and day out for our new Master and Missus. I didn't understand. So he explained to me a little more. At the end of his five minute explanation he told me that we was no longer free and that if we did not obey or broke any rules then our new Massa would have us whipped till our backs bled or we fainted. I was terrified now. As I sat back and looked around I could see that people were crying. From that moment on I knew I was in for a new hard cruel life.

During the first month on the ship we were mostly kept down under in our little space. The only food we got were the scraps from the huge dinner the sailors had. For god sake the dogs got more food then us! It was horrible where we had to stay. There was urine every where since we were not allowed to get up to go to the bathroom. I started to notice that people were dieing. They were dieing of starvation. But I also knew some of them were dieing because they would rather die then have to live their new life. It smelt so bad down there in the little space. The smell of urine and dead people was with us everyday. I threw up many times. Whenever there was a women who had a new born baby or a baby they brought with them on the ship, the baby was thrown over board. It was horrible. I was standing on the top deck, which we were allowed to do very rarely, when they threw one baby over. The mother jumped overboard to try and save her baby. I heard screams coming from the rest of her family but the white men held them back. They could do nothing. This happened every few days. It was such a sad thing. I was just glad I didn't have a little baby brother or sister.

The second month on the ship many people had died. My Pa had gotten sick for a while but it was nothing serious and he lived. Many of the people we were friends with in Africa had died. I cried when I found out that my best friend Sara had died from being ill.

Finally after the long two in a half month long journey on the ship we arrived in our new homeland, America. As we got off the ship they told us to follow the car ahead of us. Still in shackles we all wearily walked behind the car.

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