Crimson Storm

Fighting the tears that threaten to fall,
So lost in herself she hears not his call.
Sitting. Sobbing. Trembling in fright.
Darkness surrounds her, black as the night.
Outside, fiercely, rages the storm;
Inside, his expression - one scarcely worn.
Blow by blow, scream by scream,
Brighter in his eyes, the crimson does gleam.
He just keeps on, the pain won't stop.
Why he does this, she knows not.
Finally, as she begs for some release
He falls back, the blows have ceased.
He sits, tears falling, by her still form
Her body is bruised, her flesh is torn.
As he looks in her swollen eyes,
She holds his gaze, and then she dies.
There he sits, in pools of her blood
He stares at the body of one he once loved.