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Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

episode 1 " A disappearing act"

Sunzet 29,2001

[November ]


scene 1 " On the night , of the disappearing 100th person"

[On a dark gloomy night , a young boy was walking down a city street . The boy was about 36, in earth he would look 6 years old, he was Zeline ,his orange firry hair covered his forehead , and his red eyes glowed by the street lights . As you see the young boy walking down the night street you then hear, Chucky's voice is in the background . ]

Chucky : 2 whole weeks have past since I first learned my amazing powers. As far as I know Lumsum the evil witch is dead , and Elisabela the mean well she was mean lets say mean CrescentStar soldier . Anyway I haven't heard of them since. Spacea , my girlfriend is still sad about her sisters death. I am hoping that I never have to wrist my life again , but I guess with my assume powers and being prince of CrescentStar and all .I would guess trouble will come soon. Sooner then I imagined .

[Just then the orange haired boy came up to a young man, Exseco who was on the streets talking to a young girl both were about chucky's age . 59 years old .{ Looks like 12 on earth.}, and both were Zeline. The young man, named Exseco ,had little blue eyes , and blonde frizzy hair. The young girl talking to this Exseco had green cat like eyes , and purple silk hair . As the orange haired boy came up to the Exseco, that was having his back to the orange haired boy, he quietly said,]

orange haired boy: excuse me .

[Exseco turned around , to see this firry haired young zeline boy. The young girl he was talking to also starred at the firry haired boy. Exseco responded ,]

Exseco : yes little boy ?

[The orange haired boy smiled evilly, as he quickly responded .]

orange haired boy: I feel like

[Just then the orange haired boy put his right hand up like he was telling the young man to stop at the cross guards on a non stop sign street, as the young orange haired boy finished his sentence.]

Orange haired boy: you shall banish !
[ The orange haired boy laughed evilly .As a beam came out of the orange haired boy's hand it hit Exseco . Exseco mysteriously started glowing red., and that's not all a second after he started floating in the air . The girl that Exseco was talking to saw this and cowardly ran away, screaming in horror. Exseco started screaming in the air, as if he was in pain. In the pain Exseco managed to ask,]

Exseco : [and weakly says ] What ! ... What did .... you.... do ... to ...me !

orange haired boy : [smiled evilly and snickered. ] I was seeing if you were my target !

Exseco : [weakly ] who ? ...who would that be? Who is your....target ?

orange haired boy: none of your business Cresstarain ! You're not it anyway !

[ The orange haired boy smiled as he put his hand down and as Exseco fell to the ground ,on the cold solid sidewalk. Exseco barley living looked up, at the orange haired boy looking down on him , with a evil smile on his face. Exseco with a little bit of life left asked the orange haired boy,]

Exseco : [weakly ] what ..am .I not ?

Orange haired boy: be quiet ! Your not going to live long anyway . Bye !

young man : [weakly and low voice ] what ?

[As Exseco closed his eyes , dead as he looked ,The orange haired boy turned around and smiled with a evil grin.]

Orange haired boy: good bye . loser.

[ Just then a circle surrounded the Exseco and quickly closed in on him as he banished . The orange haired boy started to walk away, as if he didn't even do anything. Walking away the orange haired boy added in, disappointed .]

orange haired boy: It seemed like I was so close,

[ As the orange haired boy walked away, it started to focus up on a building. There was Sid, Sid was a adult Zeline women, whom had long black silky hair that was blowing in the wind , she had a sword on her back sword holder. Sid looked at the orange haired boy walking away from the scene of the crime with her dark blue watery eyes. Just then the young orange haired boy transport out of the place with his blue platform transport. Sid put her hand to her heart like she was about to cry. ]


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