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( Chucky was fling in the air, as he put his sword away, looking at Dogbudr . They were in the satav palace . Luna was standing to the side of Dogbudr feet away. )

Chucky: This is going to be hard but let's see if this works!

( Chucky put his hands in front of him , as a beam was forming, still flying in the air. )

Chucky: I hope this isn't to strong ! (saying spell) Neon Star De...

( Before Chucky could say another word, he got hit by a fireball , he smacked right into the wall behind him, and then snack down to the floor. Chucky weakly looked up to Dogbudr looked down at him ready to eat him . Chucky's cat ears went like Luna looked at Chucky about to get eaten, as she instead of smiled but looked worried. )

Chucky: (Thinking) No one's here that can save me now.

( Chucky looked at Luna , as she looked at him worried . )

Chucky: (low voice. ) Help..

( Before Dogbudr could even do anything , a beam hit the side of it's head. It was the opposite side of where Luna was on. Dogbudr backed up, as Chucky, looked to his side to see a girl about his age stirring at him. Chucky slowly got up, looking very confused. )

Chucky: Who are you ? I remember you but.

(The young girl smiled.)

Young girl: Remember me ? I'm Eclipses Infecta your cousin.

( Chucky's eyes widen, as he heard that. )

Chucky: Another cousin ?

( Eclipses laughed , as she saw Chucky ,looking at her like he was annoyed but surprised. )

Eclipses: No , I'm not one of Sid's kids. I know this must be weird , because you just found out about Exseco, and all .

Chucky: Is there more of you ?

Eclipses: No, I'm your Aunt Fantasy's kid. I'm the only one that is known to be her kid.

Chucky: Known ?

( Luna rolled her eyes, as she saw them talking right under Dogbudr's head. )

Luna: What are you two doing ! ? That thing is stirring right at you !

( Chucky , and Eclipses looked up as sweat drops appeared on the head. They both saw Dogbudr looking straight at them. )

Chucky: This is odd.

( Eclipses quickly grabbed Chucky's hand. Chucky looked up at her confused with his cat ears like ^ )

Chucky: Eclipses , what are you doing?

Eclipses: Showing you the way out .

( Eclipses started to run , down the hallway dragging Chucky with her. )

Scene 7 " See, this is a good thing "

(In the Satav hallway right near the main door {, to go in and out of the palace}. There stood Spacea out of breath still holding her gun to Zapa. Zapa was standing right in front of Spacea, and next to Spacea was Priss. Just then Flame , and Burneri ran up from behind Zapa. )

Burneri: What !

( Burneri, and Flame stopped running , as Zapa turned around to look at them. Spacea , and Priss also looked at Flame , and Burneri. Spacea quickly walked past Zapa, and held up her gun at Flame. Burneri, and Flame, looked at Spacea confused. Just then Burneri perked up , as he looked at Spacea. { By the way Vision was right next to Flame. })

Burneri: I remember you ! You think were bad right ?

( Priss looked at them all weird and then spoke out. )

Priss: I think your all weird , now let's go !

( Burneri, Flame, Spacea, and Zapa all looked at Princess Priss making a fit. )

Burneri: Believe me , I think your a ugly freak, and I want to leave but you don't see me screaming .

( Priss mouth fell wide open to the insult Burneri just made, she madly stomped up to Burneri. Burneri looked at her nervous as he nervously laughed .)

Priss: What you say ?! It's bad enough that I have a little brother ! Who are you ?!

( Spacea looked over to Priss somewhat annoyed, as Priss looked at her. . )

Priss: Now can we go ?

Spacea : Princess Priss why are we here ?

Priss: To show off my beauty of course .

( Spacea's cat ears fell and looked like , as a sweat drop appeared on her head. She quickly got angry after that , and yelled at Priss. )

Spacea: It's to get Chucky , you nitwit !

( Priss grew angry , and then walked to the front door , and turned around to look at everyone. )

Zapa: I'm confused ..

( Spacea looked at Flame again, still holding her laser gun at her. Flame, Zapa, and Burneri all looked at Spacea. )

Spacea : Flame Mayna tell me where is my boyfriend , Chucky?

( Zapa rolled her eyes. )

Zapa: No one knows .

( Spacea pointed her gun back at Zapa. )

Spacea: I know you don't know.

( Burneri looked at Spacea , and talked. )

Burneri: Listen Spacea, believe me it's a long story, but me and my future mother are on your side now. Where my future father is , uh Chucky well he's ..

( Before Burneri could finish, they heard Chucky scream from behind them. They all turned around to see Chucky , holding on to Eclipse's hand , running from Dogbudr. )

Chucky: Don't just stand there !

( Burneri looked at Spacea, as she was looking at Chucky , and Eclipses running to them, with Dogbudr close behind them.)

Burneri: O there he is !

( Chucky , and Eclipses finally stopped running when they came up to Spacea, Zapa, Flame with Vision, Priss, and Burneri. Chucky ,and Eclipses turned to Dogbudr , as he also came to a stop, and looked down on them. Zapa smiled. )

Zapa: My creation !

( Zapa pushed her way to Dogbudr . I said pushed cause she had to get through everyone. )

Zapa: MY creation ! It seems that you are immortal !

( Zapa then turned around , and faced everyone, as she pointed at them. )

Zapa: Now kill them !

( Zapa stepped aside. Chucky quickly pulled out his sword. )

Chucky: Your not so tuff !

Priss: Chucky what are you talking about !? He looks like he can eat you !

( Burneri stepped up, as he put his hands in front of him, as he aimed at Dogbudr . A beam was forming in his hands, Everyone looked at him. )

Burneri: Dad , everyone get out of her ! I can kill him ! GO!

( Priss happily opened the front doors, and then turned around to everyone. )

Priss: I'm happily doing what the kid wants .

( Priss smiled, as Flame with Vision by her side, and Spacea looked at her. )

Spacea: (muttering ) I'll happily beat you up.

( Priss turned to the opened door , and walked out. )

Burneri: Fine stay , but stay bye to Dogbudr !

( AS a huge beam formed in Burneri's hands , Chucky looked down at him thinking. )

Chucky: (thinking ) Burneri truly is my son. He is a sorcerer , with powers just like me. Hopefully this beam works.

Burneri: Here it goes ! Neon Star death blast !

( The huge beam blasted at the half dog, half dragon, as he got hit, and flew back. Everyone watched in amazement. Did you ever see a 30 foot in height dog / dragon, fly out of controllably , and land on the ground dead. Chucky looked at Burneri all out of breath. )

Chucky: That was the spell..

( Burneri looked at Chucky, smiled, and then said out of breath. )

Burneri: W... h...a.....t ?

( Chucky shook he's head no. )

Chucky : Nothing.

Lonite 03,2001

Scene 8 " Now with a son. "

( Chucky was sitting near a tree on a grassy field . Rusty was laying on his lap sleeping as he leaned again the tree, and looked up at the blue day sky. The sun was shinning brightly , as Chucky sat there and took out his journal , from his side. He put in on Rusty's stomach , as he wrote with a pen. Rusty didn't mind cause all he wanted to do was sleep. Chucky began to write, as he said in his mind what he was writing. )

Chucky: ( Saying what he's writing in his mind as writing journal. ) Lonite 3 , 2001 . Dear Journal, It looks like the disappearing mystery was finally solved. All it was , was that a little boy wanted to find his father, and a galaxy whom thought they could capture the Neon sorcerer. I only wish that I know about Burneri sooner, but then again it's my future me's fault right ? But to think I would never do that to my own flesh ,and blood , but why would my future me neglect my own son. I would never do that! Or would I ? But anyway Flame is now living at the palace till she can find a place to live and Eclipses is also. But Eclipses is staying cause she's relative , and she wants to tell Exseco something, when he gets back. And Spacea.. Spacea?

( Chucky closed his journal , and looked over to see Burneri sitting there, looking up at the sky. )

Chucky: Burneri ?

( Burneri looked over to Chucky . )

Burneri: What?

Chucky: Where is Spacea ?

( Just then Burneri , and Chucky heard Spacea's voice coming from there left. )

Spacea: Charles Tiger Star !

( Rusty opened one eye to see Spacea marching up to Chucky, looking very mad. )

Rusty: Not again. Chucky don't you ever remember something ? LIKE MEETING YOUR GIRLFRIEND AT THE MALL?

( Chucky leaned , back with his hands for support, and nervously laughed , as Spacea walked up to him . Spacea then stopped right in front of Chucky. Burneri laughed. )

Spacea: Again ! Where were you suppose to meet me !?

( Burneri started to laugh so hard , as he rolled over laughing. Chucky , and Spacea looked at him rolling over laughing. Chucky smiled, and then looked at Spacea. Then you hear Chucky's voice in the background of this scene . )

Chucky in background of scene: And that journal is the end of my second adventure.

TO be continues


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