Rest in peace, Love.
I've put you away
Packed safely in a hat box
So you won't be crushed
waiting for the day when I am old
And wish to walk down memory's winding lane.

Rest in peace, Love.
I've outgrown you
Like those tiny wool sweaters
They still sit upon my shelf
Reminding me that once I was young
Just as you will.

Rest in peace, Love.
I killed you softly
before you killed me.
Broke my own heart
To still it's frantic beat
Now I can sleep at night.

"Rest in peace, Love"
Fuck, if it were that simple,
Like setting aside an old pair of shoes
Painful and nostalgic
Until you remember the way they pinched your feet
I wish it were that easy.

Rest in peace, Love.
Oh won't you succumb?
Won't you die and leave me heir
to nothing?

Rest in peace, Love.
I don't need anything more haunting me.