I just seriously don't know what to do anymore. It's like I don't think anybody really cares. Everything has just been going completely wrong and when I thought I found someone who really cared and that I could trust and it turns out it was all a lie? Why? Why is it that every time I think I've found someone I'm completely wrong and when I finally start to be happy something bad happens. It's almost like I'm not allowed to be happy. I mean like lately I've been thinking about if I die would anyone actually go to my funeral or even notice that I was gone? I was supposed to be the perfect little girl. The one with all the good grades with everything going for her. My sister was supposed to be the screw up. I was the one that was supposed to graduate early, I was the one that wasn't supposed to have any problems. I had everything going for me and I screwed it up so bad. I want the old me back, I want to be happy again. But the old me is gone and won't come back. The old me is lost without a cause. Why can't I just be the person I used to be. Why did everything have to turn out like this? Why can't I go back to being perfect. Maybe then my dad would love me and my mom wouldn't want to send me away. Maybe then somebody would actually care. I don't know what to do.