By:Andrew Troy Keller

There once was a space pirate named Sloane,

Whose crew consists of a woman,a cyborg and two clones.

They were all on the lookout for an easy score.

And they had found it in a place that they've never been before--

Lunarbase One--which had became a true prize to Sloane.

Just then,after they had landed in the docking bay,

They had also found something equally strange on that day.

They've found the space shuttle Xavier--

And discovered that no one was aboard her.

And with that,they had decided to go searching beyond the docking bay.

After they had seperated,the two clones,Frank and Fred

Had gone to the supply chamber and stepped into a place of total dread,

For they had found all the members of the Xavier crew

And they had been devoured by something totally new

To the twins--before they had suddenly became among the dead.

The cyborg named Gizmo had walked into the medical bay

And was shocked by how the females were in a way--

Like they were human incubators

With strange ooze like tubes plugged right into her

Body.And just before he was about to report about what he

Had found in the medical bay,Gizmo had suddenly ceased to be.

It was when Sloane and Kartra had entered the command center

That a sudden chill had came over her.

Just then,after they had turned around,they had seen a bug

That was indeed too big to be under a rug.

Then,once again,there was no one

Around to let the Earth know of the terror of Lunarbase One.