By:Andrew Troy Keller

It has been four whole year since the space shuttle Xavier had zoomed it's way up to a station on the moon known as Lunarbase One and was never heard from ever since.

And for four years,the families of both the Xavier and Lunarbase One were screaming at the top of their lungs for answers,until the NASA personal had realized that they had no choice,but to send another shuttle up to the base and solve the mystery once and for all.

My name is Tom Shatner and I was one of the members of the crew of the space shuttle Orion,which had launched on May the 14th and zoomed it's way up to the moon,where Lunarbase One had remained as dark and silent as a tomb.

After we had landed our ship in the docking bay,we were all shocked at the sight of two unmanned ships sitting still and lifeless in the bay--a clear indication that something really bad had happened up there.

At that moment,we all had agreed to send a scout into the base and discover what had caused the disappearence of the Xavier's crew and the crew of the second ship.

Larry Blackbison had just volunteered for the job and stepped out of the ship to start his scouting mission.

After a couple of minutes,he had found nothing--so far.

But that was before he had entered the medical bay and discovered something that had made every blood cell in his entire body run cold.

He had found each and every female inside an ooze like cocoon and having no choice,but to become living incubaters for some mysterious form of life.

But after I had asked Larry how that could've happened,something had appeared behind Larry just as he was about to answer.

He had turned around and saw the one thing that was to be considered to be the only logical explanation.

The humanoid bug that Larry had seen was--believe it or not--one of the same bugs that we had encountered on the planet Grazex,where we once had established a colony without knowing that it was infested with such humanoid sized bugs.

Three hundred-thousand--that was how many people were in that colony and how many were sensely butchered by those very same bugs.

And what had those NASA idiots done after our encounter with those bugs on that planet?

They had scooped up the bodies that they had thought were dead and delivered them to the only base available to perform tests on such creatures--Lunarbase One.

As for Larry,I had ordered him back to the ship,because we had agreed to destroy the base,in order to make sure that no more of those bugs would ever get the chance to harm anymore human beings.

But instead of doing so,Larry had told us to get as far away from that place as we can,took out his bowie knife and yelled out an apachie war cry at the top of his lungs,before lunging himself towards the bugs--and yet,getting himself all slashed up by those bugs.

After that,I had just realized that Larry was right and ordered the remaining crew members to prepare for emergency lift-off.

And after we had zoomed our butts out of there,I had turned the ship around,aimed one of the ship's photon torpedoes at the base's open docking bay door and opened fire,sending each and every one

of those insectoid blood-suckers straight to Hell!

And at that moment,while we were on our way home,we all had thought--at first--that it was all over.

But that was before we had landed back on Earth and discovered that there was an ooze-like cocoon inside the shuttle's cargo section.

The very next day,we had discovered that the cocoon had busted open,three male members of the NASA security team were slashed to death and the three female security guards were nowhere to be


That was until a few minutes later,when Lt. Nancy Danson,one of the missing female security guards had staggered her way into a nearby diner--where we were all having some breakfast--and asked for some help,only to collaspe down to the floor and started to act like something was about to force it's

way out of her stomach.

Surely enough,that something had indeed smashed it's way out of her chest--and that something was a miniture version of those humanoid bugs--a clear enough indication that one of those insect-like blood-suckers had survived the blast by sneaking it's slimey tail into the Orion's cargo section and it's now back to it's old tricks here on Earth.

After it had bursted out of poor Nancy's belly,the slimy little cockroach had looked like it was going to make a run for the door and the outside world.

And yet,no matter how hard we had tried to keep that little sucker inside the diner,it had managed to get it's little tail out of there.

Of course,we had to give chase and followed that tiny terror across the street,on to a public beach and towards a cavern at the edge of the beach.

After we had stopped ourselves from following any further,I had gotten on my cell phone and called the NASA security team for some back-up,which had arrived just in time to follow me into the cave,where we had gotten that bug cornered.

We had gone into the cave with flame throwers and we were ready to roast that piece of space garbage straight to Hell!

As soon as we had entered one of the many caverns,we had discovered two of the missing female security guards inside ooze-like cocoons and with tubes plugged into their bodies.

We had also found the humanoid bug--and it's hungry.