This is the insight I was talking about. These are the way my lyrics can be interpreted. K? In my reviews, lemme know If you have a different impression of them.

~~Based on Unforgiven and Unforgiven II by Metallica~~

Yeah, I'm Unforgiven. (Not hard to figure out… This is the girl because she's similar to me.)

You're Unforgiven, too. (Also, easy to get a handle on… This is a boy, but no one in particular.)

Held back by all the rules, (The rules people set restrain the way they think and act.)

Nothing in life feels new. (They are goody-two shoes and they don't have any fun because they never go outside their            boundaries that are set by people.)

The things we've felt. (Like in the originals.)

The people we've known. (Also like the originals.)

Scarred by humanity. (People make fun of them because they try to follow the rules all the time. They don't use drugs and things like that which is what most of the other people they know do.

We are alone. (They feel alone because even their friends are embarrassed to be around them, since they are always so restrained.)

We fall apart by sin. (They try to be bad to earn their friends back.)

We're set apart by love. (They aren't loved for what they do, but are instead hated even more.)

We can find no mercy. (No one will forgive them for what they've done.)

Even from Heaven above. (They don't even think God can forgive them.)

I am the Unforgiven. (No one will forgive her.)

You are Unforgiven, too. (No one will forgive him.)

Labeled by the world. (The world has given them an indefinite name, so they must learn to live with themselves.)

We do what we wanna do. (No more will they be told what to do.)

Now no one is our ruler. (They will think for themselves and no one else.)

It's only you and me. (They don't care what anyone else thinks.)

The world is all around. (Every one that surrounds them can't influence them anymore.)

That's the only thing we see. (They will only be themselves.)


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