Do you hate me?

Well, I hate you

I wish I'd never met you
I wish I'd pushed you away
While I'd had the chance
Well, I hadn't

I let you close to me
Although my instincts
Clamored for me to stop

But I didn't want to

And now I regret it

Now you're in my mind
In my heart
In my thoughts

Every day, you're there
Right there

And I can't get rid of you
No matter how hard I try

Do you like me?

I don't know
I've never asked you

I've never had the courage

I'm afraid you'll say no
And I'll be left heartbroken
In the dusty road of sorrow

I hate you so much

How dare you make me feel like this
When I didn't want to?

What gave you the right
To invade my thoughts
And my heart?

Before you made my heart into your haven
You could've knocked
And let me know
Before it was too late
It's too late

I hate you

So if I hate you
Then how dare I

Love you so much...?