Love and Hate

This room frightens me. I cannot breathe.
He blocks the door. I cannot leave.
A fire, warm, begins to burn.
The mood of this, odd, begins to turn.
I state, deep, into the eyes of my father.
He looks at me, stern, and says 'why bother?'
Unbidden tears; I refuse to cry.
Crimson glows; hate in his eyes.
I stand up, prepared to go.
He grabs my arm, and tells me 'no'.
The air between us filled with tension.
A word of this, he says, you'll never mention.
I glare at him, hiss 'of course not, -Daddy-'
He bids me leave, and I do, near sadly.
Unbidden tears; I refuse to cry.
Crimson glows; hate in his eyes.
Finally alone, and free to feel.
I bring down the walls, bring down the steel.
It, he, was everything I always feared.
And then, freely, flow the tears.
I never thought it would be that bad
To meet the man I should have called 'dad'
Unbidden tears; I refused to cry.
Crimson glowed; hate in his eyes.

A/N: This poem warrants a little explanation. It is very personal, about
one of my greatest fears. I've never actually met my real father, although
I have wished time and time again that I could. So this poem is almost a
worst-case scenario type deal. Take it as I meet him, and love him, yet he
hates me. I refuse to show him my weakness, and reply with sarcasm
basically. Until I am alone. Then, I finally allow the emotions to flow
freely. Get it? Good. ::smile::