Love Kills

Silence and stillness

Mumbled voices

Migraines invading

Coldness enveloping

Nightmares conquering

Freedom succumbing

Reality forgotten

Mysteries revealed

Thoughts confusing

Eyes leering

Smiles mocking

Anger rising

Rage developing

Words hurting

Eyes darkening

Tears streaming

Fire blazing

Unanswered questions

Storm clouds hovering

Death surrounding

Hands quivering

Superstitions unfurling

Running away

My reality

A ghost of me

The silence of dawn

Rage . . . . rage . . . .

A full moon

Dreams crumbling

Flying away from the world

Darkness invading

Blood dripping

Burns screaming

Personal black auras

Demon in my view

Fallen angels

Hope lost

Truth hidden

Plagues invading

Horrors are the everyday life

Broken promises

Hearts screaming in pain

Love kills