Right for Me

People say love is blind

I don't think that's true

I've know you for a long time

And I still like you

No, love isn't blind

It knows what it sees

Just like a bird

Flying home to it's tree

I believe love is always there

It's always following us

It just waits and waits

Until there's so much trust

Love may fade away

I've thought this to be true

But it always is there

Every time I call you

My heart hurts

That I'm going with him

That I'm not going with you

But swallowing this grim

You found out

But don't know his name

My friend said you went silent

Out of jealousy or shame?

I hope I haven't hurt you

I hope there's still room in your heart

I know I've stopped

I haven't kept my part

But I still think

Of all we've done together

How we used to be

Together like birds of a feather

I don't know if this is love

Or just memories

But I do know without a doubt

You still think of me

I have changed, yes

But that isn't a bad thing

Everyone changes at some point

And grows new wings

But I'm still flying for you

And I always will

So let me come back

Away from my guilt

His name isn't important

He doesn't matter

But, please don't let

My heart break and shatter

I really need you

To stay in my life

I need you always

To rid me of the knife

The weapon that hurts

The same which did me wrong

Don't you know what when I hear you

All my problems are gone?

No, love isn't blind

I always sees

Please don't give up

On the girl I used to be

I've been hurt

I never told you

And now I'm almost better

He's almost gone too

So, yes, I'm still here

You still know me

I'm returning again

Can't you see?

I cry a tear for you

I wipe it away

You make me smile

No matter what you say

You're my best friend

You're always there

And yes, boy

I still do care

I'm calling you now

Yes, I am tonight

With you by my side

We can set things right

I was a fool

For not telling you first

You still satisfy

My damaged heart's thirst

I've let go of my problems

I now listen to my soul

You're center

Of my heart's bowl

People who might read this

Might not quite understand

But, I still need you

To be my man

You're all I want

You're all I see

You're so perfect

So right for me