The Sunrise

Have you ever taken time

To listen to the music?

Have you ever tried

Refraining from losing it?

Have you tried walking

In someone else's shoes?

Have you tried to consider

All they've had to lose?

Something tells the Wild Geese

When it's time to go

Even when it's still summer

Something whispers, "Snow"

Have you paid attention

To songs' meanings?

Have you been with parents

Who fill your nights with beatings?

Do you really know

All there is today?

Have you tried

Changing your ways?

Do you think love is blind

Or always right?

Have you been sleepless

During every night?

Life isn't what it seems

It isn't always fair

But, at least there's a thing to count on

Like someone always there

So, wake up today

Watch the sunrise

Watch the beautiful mountains

Take it into your eyes