The end approaches
I can see the light

Why'd they all leave me?

Why am I alone
Causing my own death?

If they'd only loved me more
If they'd only talked more
They'd realize
I'm not normal

I'm crying, I'm dying

I'm losing myself
In the welcoming arms
Of Death

At least I'm accepted
By him

He's not particular

I want to say
I can't believe that
A thing I promised I'd never do
Is happening right now

Even though I told you
I'd never do this
You went away
Even though you said you wouldn't

So I'm not keeping my promise either


Its scent in heavy in my nostrils

Then it fades

It's still there
Why can't I smell?

Eyes are fuzzy
Hands are shaking
I'm so tired
Weary of this wretched world
I think I'll just lie down

My head hits the floor
It should hurt

It doesn't

I'm scared now

What if I don't die?

How will I face you?

I don't care anymore
You don't either

I can't care anymore
My mind is going numb
And I can't think well anymore

Mind all fuzzy

Can't think, can't speak
Can't live anymore

Why did you make me do this?

Everything fading
And a light is shining

Farewell, my friend
My murderer