My Skippy Chica

            "Hey, Skippy," I asked you today.

            "Yeah, Sue? Wassup?" You replied innocently.

            I started to laugh and you gave my THE LOOK. This only proceeded to make me laugh harder, you know. You continued to look at me funny until I finally got you laughing.

            "I'm going to write a dedication to you. What should I write about? Any ideas?"

            You looked at me for about twenty minutes before you finally said something. "You could always write about how mean you are. Does that work? You are soooo mean."

            I giggled, which only proceeded to turn into evil laughter. "You're right. I know! I'll write about the day we met. Some story, right?"

            As part of our inside joke about the story, you put on an angry face and said, "YEAH! I GUESS!"

(Flashback to the start of 9th grade last year)

            I was having an absolutely horrible day. It was my first day in the high school, I didn't know where I was, and I was tired because school sucks and it's really early in morning.

You were having a bad day, too. You were new to our town. You had moved from Medina. You hadn't ever been to our high school, ever. You came into our third block class and came up to me.

"Can I please sit here?" You were so timid and shy.

I, or course, am mean when I'm not having a good day. "Yeah, I guess," I rudely replied. "Maybe he's putting us in alphabetical order though."

You sat down and proceeded to sit in silence.

Several days later, some strange preppy people took the table at lunch that me and Jesse Anne sat at. Well, guess what? We sat with you! I sat across from you and Jesse sat to your right.

"Hey," I said in a far better mood, "Aren't you that girl from Biology?"

You just nodded your head. We all proceeded to get to know each other. Well, now we're the best of friends. You're my Skippy girl and I am the Empress of the Digi World. What a combo, right? Sorry about that again, buddy.


Next chapter, I'll explain why Sierra is named Skippy. These are true stories. I hope that at least my Skippy Chica loves these!

~Cirien Phoenix