Just a poem about my teacher, whom I hate.  LOLZ.  Funny.

The Annoying Tormentor

By: Inigma

She enjoys it doesn't she?

Tormenting people, especially me,

Why can't she ever understand that,

It's harder than it looks?

My life is complicated enough,

Without her breathing down my back,

With all the things I have to do,

Why can't she ever understand?

One little mistake and I must pay the price,

One mess-up and it's a zero,

One missed problem and its torture for me.

She makes me so nervous,

She makes me cringe,

When she says my name.

She bothers me for no reason,

She enjoys tormenting people.

She sits close to me when I'm there,

I must be her favorite target,

So easy to get.

She yells when we do something wrong,

She is boring,

She makes me write this,

Out of boredom,

While she talks.

She is loud,

You cannot fool her,

There is nothing her trained eye can't see.

She gets on my nerves,

Whenever she calls,

Anyone for anything.

When she screams at me,

And praises another,

Oh me it does bother.

It used to be me,

Whom she would see,

Above the others.

She's never gone,

She's always there,

Her voice bores a hole through my head.

She never shuts-up,

If she ever saw this,

She would make my life miserable.

Maybe I better stop writing this,

Here, now, in her class,

While she talks.

Three hours is how many minutes?

Four X plus a hundred is three.

How is that possible?

How can that be?

Why cant she just Shut-up?


Thanks for reading!