Little Crosses

Little crosses, all in red,
The pain is really in the head,
But the cuts are plain to see,
Can't you tell what's bothering me?

Thin white scars from months before,
They'll be there forever more,
A reminder there for you to see,
For you to see what troubles me.

Blade of metal, sharp and clean,
Asking me 'Where have you been?
I haven't seen you for a day,
How did you pass the time away?'

Acceptance- something rarely found,
The thing from which my dreams abound,
You won't be here to see me through-
I won't get any love from you.

Understanding might be hard,
But won't you please let down your guard?
Remember I am human too,
Though I show it differently than you.

Little crosses, still they grow,
Why they're there, you'll never know,
You didn't look- you didn't see,
Because you don't care what's bothering me.