Innocent eyes
Watching me
Wide as the full moon

Tiny hands
Reaching towards me

A happy smile
The simple glee
In that expression

I feel so sad
That someday
That innocent look
Will be gone

Lost in the stream of time
Stolen by the world
By the cruelty of humans

I take the hand
Smiling sadly
Wishing that the child
Would stay just like this
Forever content

Forever content

I'll see this child
And nothing will be the same

The innocent eyes
Decked in color
Will be shadowed
And dull with annoyance

The tiny hands
Will be grown
And will never reach for me
Like this again

The happy smile
Will disappear
Replaced with a smirk
That will never be happy
Stress will age
That child's face

Love will kill
That innocent heart

Death will claim
That beautiful life

So, child
Never grow up

Let me hold you
And pretend it will last