Three words

When his eyes met mine
I knew it was love
So when he told me
It was no big surprise

"I love you," he said
His amber eyes shining bright
As he cradled my face
And looked into my eyes

My notebooks covered in doodles
"I love him"
Little pink hearts
And silver swirls galore

"I love him"
"I LOVE him"
"I LOVE HIM!!!!"

Four pages filled
From top to bottom
With the same three word phrase
Three words that mean so much

"I love you"
Whispered so many nights
So that only I could hear
Nobody else knew

This was our little secret
We could love each other
Only as long as
No one else knew

So when I saw him
With that stringy blond
His perfect prize, his perfect girl
I felt my heart break

I walked up to him
Looked him straight in the eyes
Those perfect amber eyes
And said "We're through"

What he said next
I'll never forget
Not those three beautiful words
But "Who are you?"

I felt my jaw drop
My heart shatter
Then those words reached my ears
Those three words

Three words
Not beautiful at all
Those three
Heartbreaking words

So I dropped my eyes
And stared at the floor
As I walked away from my "love"
With my tail between my legs

I head their laughter
His with hers
I had been the one
Ha had laughed with before

I crashed on my bed
The wet hot tears
Pouring down
my crushed face

With each tear
I heard the same words
Echoing over and over in my head
A new three word phrase


Those pages in my notebook
Full of "I love him"
What a waste of my time
Waste of my love

I ripped those pages out
The edges hanging frayed
Like the shreds
Of my once whole heart

I took the pages
And tore them up
Each page into three
Three beautiful pieces

Three beautiful rips
To end it all
To make it right
But not quite yet

With one hand
I took that razor
And scratched it into my skin
The same skin once touched by him

With the other hand
I took those pieces
And dropped them in the toilet

As the pieces
Whirled down the drain
Laced with my blood, mixed with my tears
I carved

I carved those words
Three words
Three beautiful words
"I hate him"

March 27, 2003

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