Happy Birthday Kevin Duval Hunters:
Happy Birthday Kevin Duval
by Keith Kime

Ace sat around on the trunk of his beloved Monster. He slowed kicked his feet back and forth against the bumper. He looked up and around the parking lot of his school. Kids were walking to their cars, talking with their friends, and leaving as school was over.
"Hurry up K." Ace grumbled, looking toward the place where his friend normally came out at. They had been friends for a few weeks now, and had just begun their partnership as Hunters. They were teenage superheroes, endowed with superhuman gifts that they had just begun to learn.
Ace looked past a few passing cars, and saw his friend walking slowly toward him. He seemed to have a glum look on his face. Ace jumped down and then walked over to his friend. "Hey K!"
Kevin, Ace's short friend with a wicked goatee, looked up. He wasn't his normal happy-looking self. His face shown clearly that he wasn't in the best of moods. He looked up at Ace, and waved. "Hey."
"You okay? You look a bit down." Ace asked. He had seen his friend forth period, but they didn't speak much, as they had a test.
"Not really. Just kinda feeling bad today. Let's go home." Kevin told his friend.
Ace nodded. "Okay." He unlocked his car, and they threw their backpacks in the back seat. Kevin slipped into his seat, and just stared out the window, as Ace got into his driver's seat. He started up the Monster, and pulled out of the parking space. "You sure you're okay?"
"I told you I'm not feeling good. I just want to go home." Kevin gruffly told his friend. Ace blushed a bit from feeling bad, and then shut up.
The ride home was simply quite. The two hardly spoke, and it was starting to make Ace feel very bad. When they arrived at Kevin's house, Kevin just left without saying goodbye. Ace was a bit stunned.
"Great, I've known this guy for a week and he's already hating me." Ace told himself, as he drove home.

Kevin was in his room, laying on his bed, just staring at the ceiling. "Well I know he doesn't really know, but she does. How can she forget my birthday?" He asked himself, as he just stared endlessly at the ceiling.
Kevin's mom came to the door and noticed how her son was acting. "Sweetie, are you all right? How did today go?"
"Not good. Kat didn't say anything about my birthday, and I don't think Ace even knows." Kevin told her, as he sat up. "And you haven't even said anything to me."
Kevin's mom looked a bit surprised. "I'm sorry sweetie. Don't think that I forgot. I didn't get to see you this morning. Besides, the days not over."
"Mom, honestly, are you gonna try to do that little surprise thing on me this year?" Kevin asked, looking straight at her. She's my mom, so I'm not gonna scan her…I mean I could, but then....no I won't. He thought to himself.
"You know me Kevin, yes, you're gonna get surprised. I've been trying to talk to your brother at Furman for days now, but he's been so busy…well its not really for you to know. Just know that yes, you will be getting surprised." Kevin's mom informed her son.
"That's not the point. The point is that I don't want to be surprised. I just want you all to say 'Happy Birthday' and give me my presents and just let me be. I had a bad day because no one seemed to care, and you act like its no big thing." Kevin told her, sounding a bit mad. He crossed his arms and looked at her with a pissed off look.
"Fine, Kevin, fine. Just be that way. Just stay in here, be alone, and enjoy your freaking birthday." She told him, which made him feel very upset. She stormed out of his room and went on to the kitchen, leaving the birthday boy to contemplate what had just happened.
"All I wanted was for someone to tell me 'Happy Birthday'." He told himself, as he laid back down. Slowly he drifted off to sleep.

An hour later, his phone rang, wakening him from a nice dream about Kat. He grabbed for the phone, and dragged it slowly to his ear. "Hello?"
"Dude, were you a sleep or something?" Ace's voice yelled on the other end.
Kevin grunted. "Do I sound like I was asleep?"
"Yes, you do. Um…got a quick question for you." Ace told him, as Kevin slowly sat up.
"Would you like to go to dinner with me? My parents are out of town and I don't know how to really cook for myself." Ace asked, trying to sound sincere.
Kevin looked at his watch, which read 6:15. "Um…sure. When are you gonna get over here?"
There was a short pause. "How about 20 minutes?"
"That's enough time. I'll tell mom then." Kevin told Ace, as he got up off his bed.
"All right. See you then." Ace replied, before hanging up. Kevin hung up his phone and headed into the kitchen.
"SURPRISE!!" Kevin's mom shouted, as he walked in. Kevin saw that his mom was there, along with his sister and her son, Devin. They were all holding a large sign that read 'Happy Birthday' on it.
"Wow…that's really nice." Kevin said, as he entered the kitchen. "I like it, but it's a bit late."
Kevin's mom got a bit angry. "Kevin, can't you just be nice about us forgetting to tell you 'Happy Birthday' earlier? I got them over here while you were asleep. Atleast act a little bit happy. It's your birthday."
"I know. I'm just waking up. " Kevin told her, as he hugged his sister. "Um…Ace called and he wants to take me out to eat. Is that okay?"
"We were gonna do that, but sure. If that's what you want. But how about having cake and ice cream with us?" Kevin's mom asked, as she picked up his cake. It was a chocolate cake with white frosting on it. There was a nice little 'Happy 15th Birthday Kevin' written in purple icing, and there was even a little picture of him on it.
Kevin looked impressed. "That's really cool, but maybe later. Actually, I know that you did a lot to get them over here, but let's have that family thing after I get back. I need to get ready atleast."
Kevin's sister looked at him. "Kevin, you are the meanest bastard I know. We come over to give you a decent party, and you want to bail on us. You want us to wait for you to get back with your friends to give you your presents and cake and ice cream. You truly are a sick man."
Kevin smiled. "I know." He kissed his sister on her cheek, and then went back to his room.

Ace arrived a few minutes later and was greeted by Kevin. He didn't seem all that happy to Ace, but then again, Ace already had a plan for the evening. "Hey dude, wazzzupp!!"
"WAZZZUUPPP!!" Kevin screamed back, as the two waved. "C'mon, let's get out of here. My family's a bit peeved that I'm leaving, so I'd rather they not see you. They might try to stone you."
"What's up with that?" Ace asked, as they got into the Monster.
"Nothing. Let's just go." Kevin said, not wanting to let his friend know that he was forgetting about his birthday.
"Well Kat might be joining us. She called me right after I got off the phone with you and I kinda invited her along." Ace told his friend, as they rolled out of the driveway. "Is that cool with you?"
"You know it. Where are we going?" Kevin asked, looking in the backseat. There was a small box. "What's with the box?"
"That…project for English class." Ace told him, as they drove through the neighborhood.
"Cool…so…dinner is at?"
"I don't know…I was thinking you might have an idea of a place…" Ace replied, looking at his friend.
Kevin looked at Ace, and thought about scanning him. He's definitely up to something. Ace usually isn't this quite about things and he's normal all hyper and stuff….maybe he knows…maybe he doesn't…but I'll play along. Kevin thought to himself. He turned to Ace. "How about Adriana's? It's this great sandwich and coffee shop downtown at 5 Points?"
"5 Points?" Ace asked, as they turned a corner.
"Yeah, there's like 5 roads that intersect at this one road. It's basically this little plaza area where all the college kids go." Kevin told Ace.
"Sounds good. Downtown right?" Ace asked, looking at Kevin.
"Yeah, just go to Knox Abbot, turn right, head over the bridge, keep going till you see the fountain in the road, and bamn, you're there." Kevin gave Ace directions.
"Cool. All right, let's drive!" Ace said, as he pressed his foot down on the gas.

After parking the car, the two friends slowly made their way to Adriana's. It was a little coffee shop with black tables outside it and the smell of fresh coffee just lingering around it. There were a few college looking teenagers sitting around a table outside the shop, and they stared at the two high school students walking past them.
"USC students…" Kevin sighed, as they walked in. They stopped infront of the counter and stared at the small menu that was posted on the wall. "You might want to go for the Ham Sandwich. It's the best."
"Ham…wow you know me then." Ace replied, as he continued to check out the menu.
"You two waiting for someone?" A familiar female voice yelled out to the guys. Kevin turned around to see Kat standing there. "Surprise!!" She yelled, as he hugged him.
"But..you didn't say anything to me all day…" Kevin told her, as he held her.
"I talked with Ace last night and we decided that we weren't gonna say anything to you all day. We were gonna take you out somewhere and surprise you." She explained to her dear friend.
"Yeah, she's a maniac when it came to planning this damn thing." Ace told Kevin, as he hugged Kat.
"So how did you know to come here?" Kevin asked his friend, as he looked at her.
"I followed Ace once he passed by the school. You didn't know I had a car did you?" Kat asked Kevin.
"When did that…?" Kevin asked, looking at Ace.
"It's my dad. Ace's parents gave us a new car after those guys trashed our car last week. I've been driving it to school, even though I live down the road." Kat explained. "But enough about that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" She yelled, as she kissed him on the cheek.
"Oh is it your birthday?" A girl at the counter asked Kevin, as she listened to the odd customers infront of her.
"Yes it is." Kevin replied.
"Well we have a little thing for birthday people! You get free cake and ice cream and…" She paused, before taking out a small little hat. "…you get to wear this neat little 'Birthday' hat!"
"Oh god, make the pain stop!" Kevin mumbled, as the girl put the hat on his head.
"I think it's cute!" Kat told him, as she giggled. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kevin, Happy Birthday to you!"
"Yeah, Happy Birthday dude. Your presents out there in the car in that box." Ace told Kevin, as he patted him on the shoulder. He then headed out to the car to get it.
"And mine's right here." Kat said, pulling out a small box. She handed it to him.
"Thanks Kat. I'm starting to have a much better day." Kevin told her, as he opened the box. Inside was a small silver chain necklace. There were little letters that read 'Kevin & Kat Friends 4 Ever". Kevin started to cry.
"You're welcome my friend. You know I love you a lot." Kat told Kevin, as she kissed him on his cheek. "Happy Birthday."
Ace walked back in, and handed Kevin the box. It was a little rectangular box with a little bit of weight to it. Kevin unwrapped the box, and inside was laptop. "Something my parents and I wanted to give you. Happy Birthday!"
"Dude, thanks! Man this is awesome!" Kevin told his friend, as he stared at it.
"Hey are you guys gonna order?" The counter girl asked, as she watched the little celebration going on. All three friends started to laugh, and Kevin's day got a whole lot better after that.

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