Pernicious lips of raven flesh
Glisten with inky venom
Smooth with silken night
Glossy velvet draped upon their faces
Curling in tempting blooms
Brilliant shadows in the gloom
Sleek, seductive, ebony ripples
Murmur in the wind
Beckoning with lethal giggles
To tempt one into doom.

Blackened rouge
Drips from pouting petals
Soaks the breeze with poisoned kisses
Hissing in as it falls
Into the emerald glades
Scattered with blades of browning jade
Infecting victims' hearts with tar-like toxins
Tainting them with spite
In its enticing jaws of death
A deceiving, lovely beauty
But its satin lips
Seemingly so enchanting
Drains the essences of its prisoners
And leaves their corpses
Teeming with fetid hatred
Dissolving in to nothing
Dust upon its lips
Remnants of the life...

The deadly nightshade
Adorns the forsaken grove
Waiting, lingering
For some fool to yield to its alluring rustles
Give in to its embraces
And luscious touches of its lips
Caressing and beguiling
Before the brutal kill
It sinks its sopping, razor fangs

Into unsuspecting flesh
Malicious liquid spurting out
Sputtering into their veins
Stabbing into hearts once pure
Sending minds into a darkness
Inescapably a misery...

That noxious, moonlit nightshade
Its cackles echo in the stained breeze
Beware its mystifying smiles.
For it doesn't want your love
It wants your spirit
To embrace in Satan's arms
And hold you tight for all eternity.

You wanted passion?
Well here you have it
Everlasting vengeance
For the nightshade-
It claims your soul
You'll be punished for your crimes
Even if...
You didn't commit any...